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Bring the comfort of a hotel room Pillow Top Mattress to your bedroom. Submerge into the ultra-luxury experience of World Luxury Mattress that offers the best comfort while you sleep. This mattress was originally designed and developed for luxury hotels and resorts that offer the best sleep for their guests. The mattress is constructed with a higher spring count that minimizes the motion when your partner moves while sleeping. The pillow top layer of the mattress is made up of soft PressureSense Foam that makes the mattress more comfortable. You feel relaxed the moment you lie down on the mattress. A true luxury hotel type mattress. World Luxury Pillow Top Mattress can be ordered in custom sizes for single, double bed, King Size or Queen Size.

Made with innovative sleep grade PressureSense Foam which immediately acts on body as it puts pressure on the mattress when your lie down on it. PressureSense Foam is designed to disperse pressure to other cells and gives a sinking feel with responsive support to the body. Multiple layers of PressureSense foam are stacked from top to core of the mattress, and coupled with BodyTech Pocketed Spring Core which helps in supporting body contours.

Extra Soft Mattress

PressureSense Foam

BodyTech Springs

Vescose Denmark

Viscose Denmark Fabric

High Quality Viscose Denmark Fabric to enhance the Luxury.

PressureSense Foam

First Layer of PressureSense Foam in quilting for better absorption.

PressureSense Foam

Second Layer of PressureSense Foam in quilting.

PressureSense Foam

Two inch thick layer of PressureSense Foam for better body contour and air circulation.

BodyTech Springs

High Density BodyTech Pocketed Springs Layer for better body support.

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