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Forget about sleepless nights and feuds with pillows when you have the best comfy pillow with you. Woven from a high-grade peel-resistant fabric, this pillow will make you say good night after another these nights!

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Price : ₹ 699

Dip into the impeccable relaxation

Our firm pillow is assembled with great attention to detail in order to achieve the just right ratio of support and softness. The poly fiber provides a high resilience, thus slow down the flattening and keep their original shape for a long time. Time to bid farewell to boring and lifeless cushions that keep you rolling back and forth. Our Comfy Pillow offers the luxury of uninterrupted sleep, and when you finally wake feeling more energetic and better relaxed, you will want it for your every mornings.

Dip into the impeccable relaxation that lasts with the peel-off material for you to enjoy its durability and longevity. Say goodbye to annoying peeling or decaying fabric. We've constructed our pillow to last forever. Whether it's for a soothing sleepover or a sleep-haven, we provide you with an unmatched comfort and quality.

The Comfy Pillow Poly Fibre Pillow, which is a perfect blend of lush comfort and exceptional quality, is your match if you are searching for the ideal pillow. Handcrafted with an elegant emphasis on detail, it is this pillow that will raise your sleeping experience to the new level. Manufactured out of superb wrinkle free fabric, the Comfy Pillow ensures unparalleled softness that you can only sink into a soft cocoon upon lying your head upon it.

At the core of our Comfy Pillow lies the innovatively constructed poly fibre filling, which has been carefully crafted to provide maximum support along with delightful softness. In contrast to the standard pillows that become lumpy because of regular usage, our pillow retains its loft, guaranteeing that your head rests on it securely every night. Why can you wave bye bye to sleepless nights and the rejuvenating touch of undisturbed sleep.

Durability is crucial that is why we have opted for the peel-proof fabric for our homeless pillow. This makes it a case where your pillow stays clean all the time with no peeling defects after many years of using it. Daring the rugged structure of our pillow provides you with long-lasting comfort enabling it to survive through every single day.

In spite of the Comfy Pillow's superb comfort and durability, it has the ability to do more than that. Its hypoallergenic composition makes it suitable for people having sensitive skins or allergies, which is a must for healthy and safe sleeping space to your dear bodies. Moreover, its easy maintenance gives me no trouble to keep it clean and fresh at all times so I can be sure I can meanwhile enjoy its opulence comfortably.

Create a bed room sitting for yourself and your soul: Comfy Pillow Poly Fibre Pillow. Be it to help you switch off after a tiring day or merely ensure that you catch some much needed sleep, our pillow will sure bring you the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. Make yourself comfortable and take the Comfy Pillow upgrade today for a better lifestyle. Make your way to the blissful land of sleep .

Global Standard
Leaders in Quality
Innovation & Research
Iconic Brand

Know Your SleepID

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Apart from performance issues , a research says that after 7 years of usage mattress accumulates mold, yeast & bacteria, So you must replace even the most expensive mattresses after long years of usage.

It really depends on the materials the mattress is made of. Our Mattresses are build to last for 7 to 12 years and beyond. Though you are advised to sanitise or replace your mattress maximum within 7 years. Warranties typically will cover any foam breakdown for the first 1 years and the rest period will be prorated costs for any breakdown. Just remember, you get what you pay for!. But your health and comfort should be on priority when buying a Mattress and not its life or cost.

Four keys to keep in mind are support, comfort, space and matching sets. The mattress that's right for you will keep your spine in proper alignment – how your spine is when it's in good standing posture – supporting your body and cradling it along its curves. The right mattress will also be comfortable for your body. Keep in mind that your comfort preferences are likely to change as you age. Make sure the mattress provides enough space for easy, free movement. Couples should sleep on a queen or king-size mattress. And keep in mind that a mattress and foundation are designed to work together. Buy them as a set and get the most out of your investment in yourself.

It all depends from people to people, physique to physique, comfort preferences etc. You are advised to visit ‘Sleep ID’ tab on our Website which suggests you the best option available for you and for your near and dear ones.

As different companies have different specifications and Licensees therefore International warranties are not applicable, but you may contact our customer care desk for your concern and our best of support will be extended.

A box spring is typically made of springs with a wooden frame then covered in a cloth material. When you purchase a traditional innerspring mattress, it would lay on top of the box spring. A foundation however is typically made with a nail-free design, heavy duty boards to provide more support for a heavier memory foam or latex foam mattress. A good bed foundation can be just as important to a good, healthy night sleep as the mattress that it supports. The foundation will make sure that your mattress is on a completely flat surface elevated to a proper level. This will make it easier to get into and out of bed and allow you to lie in a position that will not injure your back. If your bed foundation is adjustable then it will also allow you to sit up in a great position to watch television or read. The bed foundation will also help extend the life of your mattress. If a mattress is placed directly onto the floor or onto wooden slats they will not take any of the pressure off of the mattress and it will wear out rapidly. A foundation, however, absorbs some of the pressure and shock of your body weight and will keep the mattress in great condition for longer. Foundations have been shown to add years of life onto a mattress before a new one is needed.

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