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The Palace Bed is the epitome of comfort, luxury and craftmanship in the entire mattress industry. The ultra luxury mattress is an innerspring mattress that has multiple layers of springs. It is an extra soft/plush bed mattress that is best suited for people who want to buy a luxury mattress for the best comfortable sleeping experience. The palace bed mattress is specifically designed to provide you with a ‘Floating-in-the-air’ experience that results from innovative BodyFloat Technology.


The BoxTop EuroTop mattress from King Koil is designed to provide superior comfort throughout the night. It boasts unmatched body contouring properties, thanks to the micro pocket springs used in the comfort layer to provide a floating-in-the-air experience. The world-class support system comes from 5-Zone highly dense double heat-tempered pocket springs.


The Palace ultra luxury mattress also uses high GSM knitted fabric to deliver a feather-like feel when you lie down on it. The soft fabric is quilted with an acupressure pattern that relieves pressure from the body.


The use of high-end fabric and raw materials and the years of research and development taken to craft this premium mattress make it one of the most expensive mattresses for discerning buyers.


This Palace bed mattress comes in a standard dimension of 10 inches and is also available in 12 and 14 inches. Your ultimate online mattress shopping experience starts here! For the best offer and discounts from the best mattress company in India, please contact us.


To achieve something which has never been done before, we worked on things with a fresh perspective and succeeded in innovating the BodyFloat technology. As is apparent from the name, this technology is made with precision layering of precious sleep grade materials combined to made the body feel a ‘floating-in-the-air’ experience with optimal body support. The technology is so innovative, unique and engaging. We promise that you have never felt such an experience on any other mattress before. Buy the Palace bed mattress online today!

For achieving something which is never done before, we worked on things out of boundaries and been succeeded in innovation called BodyFloat technology. As it says, this technology is made with precision layering of precious sleep grade materials combined to made your body feel ‘floating-in-the-air’ experience with optimal body support. This is so innovative, unique and engaging that you wouldn’t ever have felt such experience on any other mattress in the past.

5-Zone FirmTech Pocket System

BodyFloat Technology

PressureSense Foam

UltraFusion Foam

GSM Knitted Fabric

High GSM Knitted Fabric with acupressure design.

PressureSense Foam

First Layer of PressureSense Foam.

PressureSense Foam

2nd thick layer of PressureSense Foam for best body comfort.

UltraFusion Foam

Thick Layer of UltraFusion foam for best pressure relief and resilience.

MicroPocket Springs

Thick Layer of MicroPocket Springs for best body Contouring.

High Density Spring Pockets

5 Zone High Density Pocketed Springs for the best Spinal Support and Alignment.

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Do these problems sound familiar to you or your partner? We bet you are not sleeping on a mattress which is meant for your body type. Buying a mattress without knowing whether it will suit you or not is as dangerous as SLEEP WALKING.

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A box spring is typically made of springs with a wooden frame then covered in a cloth material. When you purchase a traditional innerspring mattress, it would lay on top of the box spring. A foundation however is typically made with a nail-free design, heavy duty boards to provide more support for a heavier memory foam or latex foam mattress. A good bed foundation can be just as important to a good, healthy night sleep as the mattress that it supports. The foundation will make sure that your mattress is on a completely flat surface elevated to a proper level. This will make it easier to get into and out of bed and allow you to lie in a position that will not injure your back. If your bed foundation is adjustable then it will also allow you to sit up in a great position to watch television or read. The bed foundation will also help extend the life of your mattress. If a mattress is placed directly onto the floor or onto wooden slats they will not take any of the pressure off of the mattress and it will wear out rapidly. A foundation, however, absorbs some of the pressure and shock of your body weight and will keep the mattress in great condition for longer. Foundations have been shown to add years of life onto a mattress before a new one is needed.

In today’s digitalization benefits, lack of time and ease of Online sales cannot be ruled out. King Koil is available at various Online portals. If you haven’t used the particular model or has not heard about it from your friend or relative, you are advised to go through its complete description before you buys it.

Mostly Hotels use pocketed spring mattresses now a days. Different Hotel chains have different requirements in mattress specifications. We have a vast range of mattresses to opt for with different comfort and support levels. If you are not too sure of your requirements You are advised to visit the nearest King Koil store and feel the mattress before making your purchase.

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