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Luxe Mattress

Feather Feel

Years Warranty

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Luxe Mattress

Feather Feel

Years Warranty

For Those Who Needs a Cuddle When Sleeping.

True luxury of Signature Mattress is handcrafted with the best proven body contouring feature ‘Micro-pockets’ on top of the most superior body supporting core of ‘Ultra Hd Pocket Springs’.

Handcrafted Luxurious Mattress to add a hint of luxury to your bedroom. Constructed with pillowtop design for the immersive feeling moment you sleep on the bed. This body contouring mattress feels like your last visit to a 7 star suite room.

BodySink Foam

Jacquard Fabric

MicroPocket Springs

Designer Mattress

Damask Jacquard Fabric

Top layer of mattress uses heavy GSM Damask Jacquard Fabric with pillowtop design.

Silicone Fiber

Silicone Fiber is used in pillowtop quilting for a Feather touch experience.

BodySink Foam

BodySink Foam is added just after the pillowtop construction to give you the immediate immersive feeling.

BodySink Convoluted Foam

2nd Layer of BodySink Convoluted Foam is quilted with above layers with Damask Jacquard Fabric.

MicroPocket Springs

This layer of MicroPocket Springs is used for the best body contouring spring adding additional comfortableness.

Bouncy PU Foam

Bouncy PU Foam has been used to help regulate the body temperature and adding extra layer of comfort.

Hard Foam Encasement

High Density Hard Foam as edge support throughout the Perimeter of mattress & Ultra High Density Pocketed Springs core for body contouring effect.

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Do these problems sound familiar to you or your partner? We bet you are not sleeping on a mattress which is meant for your body type. Buying a mattress without knowing whether it will suit you or not is as dangerous as SLEEP WALKING.

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