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True Dual Comfort Pocket Spring Mattress - Soft and Firm

The first dual comfort i.e. both sides usable pocket spring mattress in India to buy with 2 levels of comfort and support.
One side of PostureSense SureSleep mattress is soft and the other side is firm. The mattress comes with a higher count of pocket springs to isolate the motion transfer. The softer side of this spring mattress uses ultra plush soft foam and the other side which is firm uses pure hard foam.

The mattress is quilted with premium quality jacquard fabric on both sides and the same is quilted with soft polyfibre. The soft side of this pocket spring mattress is marked with blue ribbon and the firm pocket spring mattress side is marked with red ribbon. For ease of flipping the mattress, it comes with sturdy handles.

For those who wants both the worlds a hint of medium firm and a softer mattress when they want. Just Flip the mattress and experience the quality sleep night after night.

Body Contouring

Double Sided

Pocketed Springs

Luxurious & Soft Feel

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Do these problems sound familiar to you or your partner? We bet you are not sleeping on a mattress which is meant for your body type. Buying a mattress without knowing whether it will suit you or not is as dangerous as SLEEP WALKING.

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