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Latex Foam

Luxury Mattress

Years Warranty

Luxurious 100% Natural Latex Foam Mattress

Paradise is a soft latex foam mattress for people who are looking for a comfortable and hypoallergenic. This soft mattress is an all foam latex mattress that isolates the motion transfer along with naturally resistant to dust and mites. This latex rubber mattress is made with a unique combination of HR (High Resilient) foam that is used in the core for providing the best support for your back. The Soft Latex Foam of 2 inches used in the comfort layer is made from 100% Organic Latex Rubber extracted from the rubber tree.

The top of this mattress is quilted with high GSM viscose knitted fabric quilted with soft BodySink for the enhanced comfort. This mattress comes with a 10 Years warranty and is the perfect balance for comfort and support. 

Outer Layer of the mattress is constructed with Heavy GSM Fabric which is knitted to add extra durability to the mattress. For quality sleep experience this mattress uses BodySink Foam, 100% Natural Latex foam along with thick layer of High Resilient Foam for better comfort and support.

High Resilient

BodySink Foam

Knitted Fabric

Single Bed Mattress Dimension

- Price: RS 39,799 for 6 Inches 72 x 36 and - Price: RS 49,799 for 8 Inches 72 x 36

Single Twin Bed Mattress Dimension

- Price: RS 46,499 for 6 Inches 72 x 42 and - Price: RS 58,099 for 8 Inches 72 x 42

Queen Bed Mattress Dimension

- Price: RS 66,399 for 6 Inches 72 x 60 and - Price: RS 82,999 for 8 Inches 72 x 60

Queen XL Bed Mattress Dimension

- Price: RS 72,999 for 6 Inches 72 x 66 and - Price: RS 91,299 for 8 Inches 72 x 66

King Bed Mattress Dimension

- Price: RS 79,599 for 6 Inches 72 x 72 and - Price: RS 99,599 for 8 Inches 72 x 72

King XL Bed Mattress Dimension

- Price: RS 86,299 for 6 Inches 72 x 78 and - Price: RS 1,07,499 for 8 Inches 72 x 78

For Custom Size Mattress

Please visit the nearest King Koil mattress store or Download the brochure and one of our executives will contact you.

GSM Knitted Fabric

Heavy GSM Knitted Fabric for extra durability.

BodySink Foam

BodySink Foam in quilting to enhance sleep experience the moment you lie down.

Latex Foam

100% Natural Latex Foam of two inches to enhance comfort while sleeping.

High Resilient Foam

Core of the mattress is made of thick high resilient foam for the best body support.

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