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Memory Foam

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Body Contouring High Density Memory Foam Mattress for Hot Sleepers

Made with ultra-high density memory foam that keeps you cool while you sleep and lets your body adapt to the most natural sleeping posture. iMattress is made with multiple layer of sleep grade memory foam for the best comfort and body contouring. This is a soft memory foam mattress with pressure relieving and body contouring benefits. The core layer of the mattress is made with high density High Resilience Foam to support your body and back. This mattress is perfect for people looking for a soft memory foam mattress.

iMattress is made with ultra-high density (90D) memory foam called SuperMemory, that senses and absorbs your body temperature. Its cells uniformly expand around your body contours to give a glove-like shape and lets your body adapt the most natural sleeping posture automatically, every time.

Body Contouring

Pressure Relief

Luxurious & Soft Feel

SuperHyper Foam Core

Knitted Fabric

Specially Designed GSM Knitted Fabric.

Memory Foam Layer

High Density Gel Memory Foam is being used in Quilting.

SuperMemory Foam

2.5 inch thick layer of SuperMemory High Density (90D).

Resilient Foam

High Density Resilient Foam for body support

NewSupport Foam

Thick Layer of Support Foam for best body support.

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Do these problems sound familiar to you or your partner? We bet you are not sleeping on a mattress which is meant for your body type. Buying a mattress without knowing whether it will suit you or not is as dangerous as SLEEP WALKING.

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