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Gravity Mattress from King Koil

Gravity features a perfect blend of body contouring high density Ortho Memory Foam and supportive High Resilient Foam in the core to support the body and back, with the former being placed on top of the latter. The memory foam layer of the gel memory foam mattress helps to  get relief from pressure in the muscles and joints. The comfort layer contours the body and helps you sleep in your natural sleeping posture. King Koil’s Gravity mattress is best suited for people who are looking for a medium-firm mattress with the desired orthopedic benefits. It comes with 2 layers of high density memory foam that provides you the best comfort and support.

A luxurious quilting of a unique pattern sewn in 1 inch of high density memory foam features on top of 2 inches of memory foam to give a truly cozy and amazing feeling as soon as you rest on it. This proven design is popular for offering a superior sleep experience which is suitable for most Indians. King Koil, the best mattress brand in India, offers world-class memory foam mattresses to meet your sleeping requirements. We have a whole selection of premium quality mattresses for sleep, including the best orthopedic mattresses in India. To get more information on the Gravity ortho memory foam mattress or place an order, talk to us today.

A luxurious quilting of unique pattern sewn in 1 inch of high density memory foam comes on top of 2 inches of memory foam to give a truly individual space as soon as your body rests on it. This combination is proven and popular for a superior sleep experience and suitable for most Indian back.

Pressure Relieving

Spinal Alignment

High Resilient

Cellular Memory Foam

Quilted Soft Top

Quilted soft top with heavy knitted fabric for extra durability.

Quilted Memory Foam

1 Inch Memory Foam quilted with the top layer for immediate pressure relieving.

High Density Memory Foam

High Density Memory Foam for body contouring experience while sleeping.

Resilient Foam

Core layer of High Density Resilient Foam for the best support for Indian Body type.

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