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Superior for Body Support & Pressure Relieving!

Chiropedic 5000

Comfort Meter
Support Meter

Memory Foam

Back Support

Years Warranty

INR 20099/-


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Memory Foam

Back Support

Years Warranty

Physio Recommended Memory Foam & Bonnell Spring Mattress

This is a superior version of the Chiropedic series which is one side usable; so don’t need to flip the mattress. Stuffed with High Resilient Foam in superior Pillow-top construction, quilted with Cellular Memory foam and Soft Fur fabric on top, it gives a luxurious sleeping surface with superior body support and pressure relieving features.

A pillow top constructed mattress for immediate body conforming function which helps in releasing the pressure from your joints. Other layer of this mattress supports the body and help you align your spine while you sleep.

Spinal Alignment

Chiropedic Coil

Designer Mattress

Cellular Memory Foam

Pillow Top

Soft FUR Fabric for cozy feel & Air Ventilating 3D Mesh in Pillow top Slit.

Memory Foam Layer

Pillow Top is quilted with 1 inch of Memory Foam for body conforming function.

Resilient Foam

2 inches of High Resilience Foam for better spine alignment and back support.

Cotton Felt

High density cotton felt layer between the bonnell spring layer.

Edge Support

Chiropractic Coil (Double heat tempered Firm Bonnell Spring) & Hard Foam Encasement System.

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Do these problems sound familiar to you or your partner? We bet you are not sleeping on a mattress which is meant for your body type. Buying a mattress without knowing whether it will suit you or not is as dangerous as SLEEPWALKING.

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