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Feather Feel

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Comfort Sense- Best Cloud Mattress for the Best Hotel Chains

ComfortSense is the first pioneer mattress of the Indian Hospitality Industry which delivers the real feel of a ‘SLEEPING ON THE CLOUD‘ experience. The ultra-soft mattress is the real deal when a comfortable mattress is what you require. It is the best hotel mattress for the best hotel chains as it has a proven record of delivering luxurious experiences to guests.   

The design of the ultrasoft mattress is the result of the global efforts by the King Koil hospitality team. By crafting the best comfortable mattress, we seek to deliver the best sleeping experience to top hotel chains guests. The comfort sleep mattress went through a tremendous amount of testing by top hoteliers from the best hotel chains. These product specifications resulted in a mattress called COMFORT SENSE, as it delivers the real sense of ultimate comfort. The cloud mattress features PillowTop construction, which means that only one side is usable. Top hoteliers host discerning guests who demand nothing but the best experience during their stay. The ComfortSense mattress helps the best hotel chains exceed guest expectations when it comes to providing a comfort sleep mattress.  The designer mattress features premium quality materials such as resilient foam to deliver a feather-feel quality of comfort. It also has a body contouring design, which is great for delivering relief from aches and pains or discomfort. The sleep comfort mattress prevents the spine from assuming unnatural positions during sleep, ensuring that guests wake up well-rested and feeling fresh.

It is designed after global efforts of King Koil hospitality team to give the best sleeping experience to top hotel chains guests, and after tremendous amount of testings by top hoteliers of best hotel chains, these product specifications is then made to call COMFORT SENSE, because it really means sense of real comfort. Comes with PillowTop construction which is one side usable.

Body Contouring

Feather Feel

Resilient Foam

Designer Mattress

Damask Fabric

FR treated Damask fabric & 3D Air Mesh in Eurotop for air ventilation.

Feather Feel Layer

A special layer of hybrid material used in pillow top construction for Feather Feel Experience.

Body Sink Flat Foam

A layer of body sink flat foam in pillow top quilting is added for the immediate plush feel experience.

Body Sink Convoluted Foam

Body Sink Convoluted Foam is quilted with above layers with Damask Fabric for body contouring experience.

Body Sink Block Foam

Body Sink Block Foam for superior cushioning which gives sleeping on the cloud experience.

Resilient Foam

High Density Resilience Foam for superior body support so that your guests don't feel a pain when they wake up.

Enforced Borders

Enforced border wire construction, Double Heat tempered butterfly edge guards and High Density Pocketed Spring.


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