Date : 2020-06-29 11:34:33

Why Does Your Weight and Body Composition Play an Important Role in Choosing A Good Mattress?

Even though we appreciate the technological advancements in the contemporary world, scientific progressions have come with several disruptive changes. As a matter of fact, many folks trade sleep for a few hours awake while undertaking exercises or work-related activities among other things. Nowadays, sleep is viewed as a luxury and people tend to think that limiting the number of sleeping hours is a ticket to enter the millionaires’ club!

Note that, the benefits of insufficient sleep can never outweigh the costs. Enough sleep is absolutely precious to human health, and can augment productivity and efficiency.

How Do You Improve Your Quality of Sleep?
There are tons of controversies on how to improve sleep, but you cannot just trust everything you stumble on the internet. Apart from avoiding alcohol and cigarettes close to bedtime, there are other ways to increase the quality of sleep. Creating a steady bedtime makes the sleep a priority, hence making a reliable routine for resting. You can also relocate to a quieter residence, and then customize a few areas such as eliminating bright lights and keep the climate below room temperature. It is also advisable to start an exercise program, but vigorous exercise is recommended for only about 4 hours to bedtime. Eating 2 to 3 hours before rest time is also recommended, but it is vital to get more plans from your health care provider.

Though we all have different sleeping characteristics, most people require at least 7 hours of sleep. Others may sleep more or less. But what is important is to identify your sleeping needs and try to achieve them. With the many factors affecting the quality of sleep, it is imperative to understand that slumbering just on a bad surface can have a detrimental impact. So, the wrong bed mattress is directly proportional to the poor quality of sleep!

A good mattress can improve sleep quality by creating a revitalizing effect on your muscles. Reports by various medics have also indicated that a decent sleep can improve the quality of life by boosting circulation and brain energy. Therefore, having the right mattress is the core solution to achieve a healthy and comfortable sleep

Rationale of Choosing A Quality Mattress for Your Body
The justification of buying the right mattress is within your personal needs, as many people have different preferences and tastes. You might have come across guides on how to choose the right mattress, but many people eventually make the wrong choices. No more mistakes because the SleepID technology is the ultimate answer.

SleepID is a state-of-the-art technology that helps in choosing the right mattress by a click of a button. Commonly known as the body-match software, it is tailored to provide the best sleep experience while allowing the users to choose the best mattress brands online from the overabundance of selection available.

Looking for a good mattress can be a perplexing bustle given the many brands out there. It is not just a walk in the park to browse the hundreds of online stores or move from one shop to another. Remember, the right mattress can be determined by its brand based on the subsequent improvements acknowledged by users. Before plunking down several dollars, you will need to consider several things such as comfort, body posture, and health. Nevertheless, the hectic task on how to select the best mattress has abridged - courtesy of the SleepID technology.

The SleepID Technology
As defined earlier, this technology matches the body characteristics of the features of a mattress. Available only on the KingKoil website, the software assigns a distinct number according to the information entered by users. Basically, a user enters information on the application, the information is analyzed, and then results generated suggesting the type of mattress that suits the user’s body. The information usually filled in the application is simple and straightforward; gender, weight, height, body posture, sleeping posture, the nature of the current mattress, level of firmness for the new mattress, and your contact details among other aspects.

Once the application analyzes your data, a SleepID (primary and secondary number) is assigned to you. The primary ID gives you the fundamental depiction of the kind of a mattress to choose, but you can equally consider the secondary ID options. Without a doubt, the process of selecting a mattress has become relatively easier for singles and married couples as a result of the SleepID technology.

SleepID Focal Areas and How They Influence Selection of a Mattress
The SleepID technology analyzes information pertaining to your body characteristics and behaviors. There are main focal areas that this technology addresses based on the information filled. A few of the focal areas include; Age, Weight, Body composition, Body Mass Index (BMI), sleeping posture, sleeping preference, body discomfort among others.

Alright, let us look at how these areas influence the selection of a mattress;

The Age
The age ranges from the youth, adult, to the old adult. Every category has different needs when it comes to selecting a mattress. They also have different body characteristics that define what type of mattress each need. A youthful, and perhaps an adult, have stronger body muscles and the immune system is also strong to withstand a variety of conditions. This is opposite when it comes to old adults, as their immunity and muscles are relatively weaker.

When choosing a mattress for either of the two parties, SleepID technology plays an important role in analyzing their body traits and then suggesting the ideal mattresses for each. For the mattress’s level of firmness or softness, the software generates results that guide the selection criterion based on precisions and logic. If it is for the back support, the aged people require a soft foam mattress with support features to maintain their posture.

The Body Weight
In order to choose the right mattress depending on your body weight, using the SleepID technology is a reliable method. For instance, a person weighing above 250 pounds should harmonize the level of firmness and softness to avoid hips and shoulders pains due to stress caused by sinking into a soft mattress. This can also lead to back-related issues as the spine curve stress increases. In order to get the best mattress for heavy people, the SleepID software analyzes the body weight precisely. A thick mattress with high-density foam is usually ideal for heavy bodies as it offers adequate support while allowing the body to sink appropriately without causing stress on the spine.

Body Composition
The body composition entails several factors including the Body Mass Index (BMI). The old-age influences the body configuration when it comes to muscle mass degeneration, bone mineral density, and an increase in fat in tissues. Once there is a deterioration of skeletal muscles, the body becomes relatively weaker in supporting itself. Therefore, aging people require a firmer mattress to offer enough support without causing further pains in the joints. The modern memory foam mattresses are perfect for the aging people as they come with a variety of selection; from luxury, back support, to orthopedic mattresses.

The SleepID technology has enabled the manufacturers to come up with additional new models to suit the diverse needs of users. The information collected by the software is used to identify pressure points on the mattresses, enabling precise designing of new ones that satisfy the users.

Sleeping Posture
The sleeping posture is crucial when it comes to selecting a new mattress, and that is why it is anchored in the SleepID technology. The manufacturers have been able to design mattresses that conform to sleeping postures and other sleeping habits of different people. If you need a mattress that imitates your posture, a memory foam mattress can do the trick. However, sleeping needs vary from one person to another. For a person looking for a firmer feel, he or she can avoid the envelope sensation by choosing an innerspring model. Apart from the luxurious feel when used with a topper, the innerspring mattresses have an adequate foam to cushion the effect of coils. If you want to balance between foam and spring, then choose a latex mattress.

Sleeping Preference
This is simply identified by the nature of your current mattress. Your partner may have different sleeping habits or both of you may have different body weights. This is important because you can start looking for the best mattress for couples with different weights. In a scenario whereby you and your partner have a different preference, it is advisable to consider the most crucial issue such as back pain. If both have no clinical conditions, you can buy a firmer mattress and a soft foam mattress topper in case you wish to soften the bed in the near future.

Sleeping Discomfort
Sleeping discomfort is a situation whereby a person cannot fall asleep during a normal bedtime or repeatedly wakes up throughout the night. Such issues may be caused by one’s lifestyle, underlying health condition, or unsuitable mattress. The common comfort issues include back and neck pains, shoulder pain, or pain in the pelvic region.  Having the wrong choice of a mattress that does not offer sufficient body support and spine alignment can lead to such problems. If your mattress is old and worn out or its level of firmness does not offer enough comfort, it is time to have a new one. The SleepID software analyzes an individual’s sleeping discomfort issues, and then match with several mattresses containing features suitable for the customer’s needs.

Types of Mattresses
Buying a new mattress is a significant investment. It is among the furniture you have in your house. If you go with the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night, a normal human being is supposed to spend approximately one-third of his life in bed. According to the latest public health information published in various journals, a night of good sleep is indispensable for one’s physical and mental well-being. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the best mattress for your body type.
With the many models in the market, we shall narrow down to the three categories; Innerspring, Latex, and Foam mattresses;

Innerspring Mattresses
These mattresses are made of interconnected coils of steel, which are tailored to provide support to the body. There are two designs of spring mattresses; a single unit with springs tied together and each spring tied to its individual unit. The coil gauge feature is used to determine the springs’ ability to support different body weights; the thicker the spring, the higher the strength. Also, the spring gauge numbers range from 12 to 18; the lower the number, the higher the support. The SleepID technology incorporates this feature with the user information in order to help in choosing the correct mattress.

Latex Mattresses
The latex mattresses are made of a liquid extract from a rubber tree known as heavea-Brasilenis. Many people adore them as they are perceived to be natural, even though many of them are manufactured by blending synthetic and natural latex. The mattresses are becoming popular among users globally due to their attractive appeal, comfort, responsiveness, bounciness, and breathability. According to different users, the latex mattresses tend to spring back too fast after applying some pressure. The combination of natural and synthetic latex gives these mattresses unquestionable durability and longevity.

Memory Foam Mattresses
The memory foam mattresses are made of a polymer material known as polyurethane, which is usually used in making car seats and some sofas. With its anti-dust and antimicrobial properties, the foam is known to offer a healthy sleeping environment for asthmatic patients. Additionally, the material absorbs the body pressure while conforming with the body contours, hence boosting support and circulation respectively. The new models are in high demand because they release heat through their open cell structures, thus keeping the bed cool throughout. On the other hand, the gel foam material is superlative for arthritic people due to several pressure points.

Where to Buy a Mattress
The KingKoil mattresses are manufactured based on SleepID technology. Every mattress has its own SleepID number, ensuring that comfort and support issues are sorted. Being one of the leading brands globally, KingKoil is the only mattress manufacturer that employs SleepID technology. The brand has evolved from selling for profits to selling for customers’ satisfaction by offering amazing technologies within the sphere of the sleep experience.

While many of us tend to prefer visiting a store to examine products before buying, it is also possible to execute the same through online. KingKoil’s SleepID technology makes it possible to examine your body weight and body composition against the features of different types of mattresses. Once the information is analyzed, you can choose the best mattress that suits your body's needs.