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Your SLEEP is our Priority!

Revolutionary technology to ensure that you experience calm sleep, night after night. Choose from range of mattresses specially engineered to match your sleep requirements.

Memory Foam Mattresses

King Koil manufactures the best premium quality memory foam mattresses with body contouring and pressure relieving technology, so, that you never sleep uncomfortable again.

medium firm innerspring mattress


A hybrid mattress for people who seek full body support. This mattress is mad...

soft memory foam mattress


Made with ultra-high density memory foam that keeps you cool while you sleep...

best Memory foam mattress brand

Back Support Mattresses

Don’t let pain take over! Choose from our wide range of back support mattresses that provide you pain relief and complete back support.

medium soft pu foam mattress

You Bed

YouBed is a flippable i.e. both sides usable pure PU Foam Mattress that...

medium soft euro top mattress

Posture Sense EuroSoft

PostureSense EuroSoft is a premium foam and innerspring mattress that comes w...


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Stay Energized Mattresses

A good night sleep is essential for healthy living; you can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle without a good night sleep; so choose wisely!

medium soft pu foam mattress

You Bed

YouBed is a flippable i.e. both sides usable pure PU Foam Mattress that...

soft pocket spring mattress

Posture Sense SureSleep

The first dual comfort i.e. both sides usable pocket spring mattress in India...


Luxury Mattresses

Why compromise when you can choose from our ultra-luxury line of mattresses and elevate the grandeur of your home.

mattresses used in hotels

World Luxury

Bring the comfort of a hotel room Pillow Top Mattress to your bedroom. Submer...

soft memory foam mattress


Made with ultra-high density memory foam that keeps you cool while you sleep...


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Ultra Luxury Mattresses

Luxury is not confined to your furniture, give your home the opulence it deserves by choosing from our Lux Range.

Box top extra soft mattress


The best luxury mattress money can buy! Signature is an ultra soft mattress w...

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Softest Mattress

The Palace Bed

The Palace Bed is the epitome of comfort, luxury and craftmanship in the enti...

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Latex Foam Mattresses

Made with special combination of unique layers to provide a highly supportive and medically beneficial comfort for good spine and restful night.

soft latex foam mattress


Paradise is a soft latex foam mattress for people who are looking for a comfo...

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hard latex mattress

Natura Bond

NaturaBond is a 100% Organic Dunlop Latex Foam Extra Firm Mattress. It is a F...

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Orthopedic Mattresses

King Koil's Orthopedic Mattress range covers wide variety of mattress to help their sleepers to get rid of shoulder or back pain. These mattresses will help you with relieving pain and pressures on your joints.

medium firm bonded foam mattress

Orthomatic DY

Orthomati DY is a dual comfort mattress that comes with 2 levels of comfort a...

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dr ortho mattress

Dr Mattress Euro Back

DrMattress EuroBack is the Best Affordable Ortho Mattress recommended by doct...

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Why King Koil?

A brand name that has sustained the test of time. King Koil has always reinvented itself by introducing cutting edge technology in its designs and products, to match the needs of its customers. King Koil is the largest selling hospitality mattress brand globally.

International mattress brand for hotels

Global Mattress Brand

hospitality products

20+ Products for Hotels

120 Years of Experience


Premium Mattresses

100+ MN Customers

hotel room mattress

10 MN Rooms Furnished

Choose Better, Choose Wisely with SLEEP ID

Research based body match technology to find you a mattress that is the perfect fit for you and your partner. Revolutionary SleepID takes Body Composition, Body type, Posture into consideration and recommends a mattress that would be the perfect fit.

Pressure Mapping

Sleep Tracker

Body Discomfort

Posture Analysis

Spinal Alignment

Body Composition


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Ready to wake up more


Recharge Sleeppad is made from a Celliant Fibre which energize your muscles while you sleep. Hence helping in faster muscle recovery and you wake up more energized morning after morning.

King Koil Mattresses for your Hotel

King Koil Hotel Mattresses are specially designed keeping in mind premium hotels. These Mattresses are engineered and designed to meet with standards of hotels across the globe. These mattresses can be customized to fit the needs of your hotels.

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For all round comfort and enhanced sleep, choose from our exclusive range of toppers and accessories.



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