Date : 2020-08-13 08:47:25

Which Foam Mattress is Better: Rebonded Foam or HR Foam?

What is rebonded foam mattress and what makes it special?
You can see a rebonded mattress as a jam of mattresses that works together to give you the softness and support of many in one. A rebonded mattress uses shredded and pieced together parts of different kinds of foam put together in one mattress. You can also see it as a spring mattress without any coils. This is because the foam pieces bonded together to act both supportive and emulate the action of spring coils.
The best part about a rebonded foam mattress is also its affordability. Usually, the material inside the upholstery is a mixture of different types of foam materials and mainly PU Foam. When these shreds are bonded together with pressure and support each other inside, they keep the mattress firm and provide the springy action for comfort as well. Moreover, these parts are usually manufactured and shredded in house and not recycled from old mattresses. So you can rest assured that your mattress is not only established with premium materials but for the topmost quality.
Your rebonded foam mattress is put together with great quality materials that work together to last a long time without losing much of the resiliency. Additionally, the low cost and support and comfort make this an all-rounder deal. The advantages that a rebonded foam mattress is similar to what an inner springs mattress gives. That is great support and firm sides while still providing the springy action because of its composition.
Your back and main pressure points can relax while still being in support. When sleeping or lying on a rebonded foam mattress, your back and shoulders do not sink in to the point that they lead to pain or discomfort. Moreover, your entire body enjoys the experience of lying on a structure that is both equally soft and jumpy as it is firm.

What is HR (High Resiliency Foam), and how is it different?
HR Foam or High Resiliency foam is a special kind of foam used in mattresses. Unlike PU or other kinds of foam, it has more resiliency, meaning the ability to bounce back up. Memory foam tends to stay depressed when you press it giving comfort and your body or head actually sinks into the memory foam. Whereas, in HR foam, the mattress tends to regain its shape to a certain percentage which determines its resiliency factor.
A HR foam mattress is a different experience from a foam mattress mainly because of its form restoration ability. When you press your hand on a memory foam mattress, you can see its imprints for several seconds and your hands sink down while you apply pressure. Whereas in a HR foam mattress your hands would be brought back up within seconds and act a bit similar to a memory foam in terms of imprints.
When you apply this scenario across your entire body, this is helpful in giving you support and comfort while keeping all the benefits and super comfort of a memory foam. In a HR foam, you can also see how its re-springing materials leads to longer lasting mattresses. While memory foams may lose their comfort and compress a bit more for comfort over time, this is not the case with HR foam. Even after 2-3 years high quality HR foams do not lose its thickness. Your mattress is just as enjoyable and comfortable at home as you test in the store.
Another great advantage of HR foam is how it is used in a variety of mattresses in different layers. You may see it in use in an innerspring coil mattress, or a hybrid mattress. However, all these benefits vary as per the quality of HR foam used. As compared to memory foam, a HR foam mattress is also much more responsive.
HR foam mattresses are good for people looking for mattresses for orthopaedical use as it can support your spine, neck and shoulders while giving them the chance to relax. Your pressure points are at ease while enjoying the support that a HR mattress provides.

Advantages of our rebonded foam mattress:
1. When you read about how a rebonded foam mattress, its affordability and composition may lead to a doubt in its quality and sanitation. However, we manufacture our own PU foam for such mattresses instead of sourcing it from third parties or recycling. The foam is pieced together with glue and compressed to make up the bulk of your rebonded foam mattress.

2. Low cost makes it a steal as the mattress is essentially a form of an inner spring coils mattress when talking of function. This is because of the combined effect of the high quality in house manufactured PU Foam.

3. It is also good for casual use and if you’re not too big on budget, you should either look into a rebonded foam mattress or an inner springs coil mattress.

4. A rebonded foam mattress also helps you enjoy your sleep without any of the discomfort or chronic pains that come with a bad posture. It upholds your body just as much as it allows movement. It is perfect for side sleepers as well as people who tend to sleep on their stomachs.

Our Orthobond range of mattresses uses the rebonded foam mattress structure.

Advantages of our HR Foam mattress:
1. The HR foam is a special kind of foam that we manufacture in-house as well. Unlike memory or PU foam it is much more high quality and used for a variety of purposes. Because of its foam restoration factor it is perfect for use in comfort or support layers in mattresses that tend to be stiff or use high density materials inside.

2. Our pressuresense range of mattresses make use of our special HR foam mattress which is also used in a variety of mattresses. This kind of mattress acts as a pressure friendly mattress that is good for overweight people. Moreover, HR foam also comes in different densities and resiliency factor (how much HR foam regains factor under pressure).

3. People with ailments or issues with sleep orientation can use our pressuresense HR foam mattresses for orthopedic use as well. Moreover, because of its ability to restore under pressure it is also good for use in large sized beds.

4. As a couple you are going to love this mattress’s support and flexibility. While it gives you proper comfort and good for side sleeping and lying on your back, it is not good for stomach sleepers. This is because your body would assume the natural position of the mattress as per the weight across various pressure points.

5. As it is also the middle or comfort layer of a large variety of mattresses and combination, you might already be familiar with it.

HR Foam or Rebonded foam for me?
There are several factors that play a role when you’re making a heavy purchase decision for your sleep comfort. One should not ignore or overlook their personal preferences against what the mattress offers.

1. Weight: If you are overweight and have trouble sleeping on memory foams or softer foam mattress, rebonded foam is not a good idea for you. Even though it is affordable and can support bodies generally, only a high-quality HR foam mattress would benefit you. This is because it tends to resist pressure and give you comfort, contour your body and at the same time balance your body.
As mentioned above, it is also used in different kinds of mattresses, and going for these mattresses is a better investment idea. Back and side sleeping position is best for HR foam for overweight people. Moreover it is also able to support multiple people with great comfort even in king, or queen-sized mattresses.

2. Body ailments: When your body ailments don’t let you sleep you need an orthopedic mattress. This is because such mattresses tend to support your weak points and allow them time to heal and prevent deterioration. If you suffer from shoulder, neck pain or cervical your best option is to go for HR foam.
Not only does it allow them to rest but the HR foam’s resiliency allows those parts to line up and orient better with your entire body. This helps in healing and maintenance of your ailments. The same case is visible if you have lower back pains, and need something firm while comfortable at the same time. Our pressuresense HR foam mattress range can help you out. Moreover, as the rebonded foam mattress is a simulation of a spring coil mattress, and you do not have the budget or requirement of a spring mattress, the Orthobond range can help you sleep better.

3. Sleeping position: Side or back sleepers would enjoy both HR foam and rebonded mattresses. However, for a better experience with the same, the HR foam is a better choice. If you tend to sleep on your stomach, or have ailments in your back, the Orthobond rebonded foam mattress range is a better choice.

4. Budget: The rebonded foam mattress is a better choice when you have a fixed budget. While it doesn’t offer the extreme resiliency of a HR foam mattress, a rebonded foam mattress is far more budget friendly than a HR foam mattress. Moreover, as HR foams tend to find their way in a variety of different kinds of mattresses for more comfort, they fall in the middle to high end budget. A rebonded foam mattress is even more affordable than a spring coil mattress and can last you a great time without any compromise on the quality, support or even comfort.

5. Hardness or Softness: While the experience and requirement of hardness or softness requirement may change from person to person, both HR foam mattress, and rebonded foam mattresses are comfortable. You may want to look at the rebonded foam mattress as the comfort layer and the inside upholstery made up of rebonded pieces tend to be harder. This gives you a much harder surface than a HR foam mattress can give. So, if you love a hard mattress, a rebonded foam mattress would be the wiser choice.
Whereas, a HR foam mattress is a close high-end cousin of memory foam and much softer than the rebonded mattress. It would contour your body and help it fall into position while keeping everything in perfect orientation. This also makes the HR foam mattress a more premium and comfortable option for people who prefer to sleep with a soft pillow and mattress.

What sets our mattresses apart?
Our HR foam and rebonded mattresses are available as standalone and hybrid mattresses. You can find them in use in our pressuresense and Orthobond range. The material for each mattress is prepared in-house, and the density also varies in between the different kinds of mattresses and their variants.
The rebonded foam has a density of 95D or 100+D, whereas the HR foam which tends to be softer and more comfortable has a density of 65D. For better understanding, head on to explore our pressuresense and Orthobond range.

Sleep is something you cannot afford to lose or overlook. A high-quality mattress not only ensures you get your sleep without any disruptions but also to relax your body. In sleep, our subconscious mind takes over and controls how our body moves, relaxes, and wakes up after rejuvenating. That is why you should research deep into the kind of mattress and pillows you prefer to use for your sleep.

Both HR foam mattresses and rebonded mattresses have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want a firm and affordable mattress that supports and comforts your body, the rebonded foam mattress is a better option. Similarly, the HR foam mattress is a perfect premium option that supports you in your sleep just as good as it comforts you and is used in different mattress variants.