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A Soft Durable Mattress Protector

Mattpro Ultra is a premium waterproof mattress protector that is ultra soft and helps you protect your mattress from dust, liquid damage, or any seepage. The purpose of the mattress protector is to increase the lifespan of a mattress and keep your mattress clean. It also helps protect your mattress from any sort of liquid damages and maintains the hygiene of your mattress as this can be easily washed. Our mattress protector is a favorite for individuals and players in the hospitality industry for all the right reasons. 

Best Mattress Protector in India

This mattress protector is available in custom shapes and sizes for different mattresses. The cost of a double bed mattress protector starts from 3799 and for a king size bed, the MRP is 5199. For the single bed size mattress protector, the MRP is 2199. A waterproof  cover for the bed is an important accessory due to its many benefits. Whether you are looking for the best mattress protector for your sleeping requirements or for mattresses in hotels, you can never go wrong with King Koil’s waterproof mattress cover.  The benefits of buying the best mattress protector online include but are not restricted to:

Protecting your investment - The warranty of your mattress can get null and void if it gets stained, damaged or excessively dirty. A mattress protector helps keep your mattress clean.

Improve mattress hygiene - An unprotected mattress can become host to bacteria (including E. Coli), layers of dead skin cells, bed bugs and dust mites, silverfish and fleas, up to 16 types of fungi, sweat and fluid buildup, airborne pollutants, pet hair and fecal matter, and decaying food crumbs.

Help prevent allergies - A mattress can easily be contaminated with bed bugs such as bed bugs and dust mites, which can reside in places such as mattress stitching, corners, and crevices with the potential to trigger allergic reactions such as asthma attacks and dermatitis.

Improved comfort and sleep quality - Our water proof mattress cover is designed to not only protect your mattress but enhance your sleep quality. 

Promote easy mattress maintenance - Cleaning a mattress is a job that is best left to professionals and comes at a cost. The best mattress protector in India ensures that your bed stays clean throughout the year as all you have to do is remove and wash the cover. King Koil’s mattress cover is useful all-year-round and will last you a very long time before requiring replacement. Order mattress covers online from the best mattress brand in India. Our products are manufactured in line with international quality standards using the best materials. 

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