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Foldable Rollaway Hotel Bed with Mattress

King Koil Roll-Away Beds are perfect if space is a constraint, and you may have sudden requirements for accommodating extra guests. When you buy King Koil’s folding bed with a mattress, all you have to do is pull the bed down and roll it into the guest room. The portable folding bed boasts premium quality and is made to offer unmatched convenience and comfort. It is always ready for the weary traveler allowing them to enjoy a great night's rest. Rollaway beds are also a great space saver as you can tuck them neatly away when not in use.

The foldable bed mattress is popular with players in the hospitality industry and homeowners for all the right reasons. Apart from convenience and comfort, you also get enduring quality at a cost-effective price. All the materials that go into the design of King Koil’s rollaway folding bed are carefully chosen to deliver a product that scores highly on all points. The foldable metal frame helps ensure that your portable folding bed will last a long time. They are also easy to unfold and set up whenever guests come around. You get to wheel them into position like a cart, allowing for easy portability between different locations or spaces. Your search for a high-quality foldable bed in India ends at King Koil.

Rollaway Bed Benefits at a Glance

  • Super Convenient

  • Space saver

  • Easy to set up

  • Affordable

  • Highly durable

  • Highly portable


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