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Euro Soft

Comfort Meter
Support Meter

Ultra Plush

Body Contouring

Pocketed Springs

INR 15000/-


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Ultra Plush

Body Contouring

Pocketed Springs

A Luxurious and Ultra Soft Mattress

EuroSoft is the most widely used bedding mattress in our hospitality clientel which is designed with a special technology called EUROTOP. 

Euro Soft Mattress is ultra plush mattress with body sink technology which is achieved with using multiple layers of foam and high density premium pocketed springs.

Damask Fabric

Feather Feel

Designer Mattress

BodySink Foam

Damask Fabric

FR treated Damask fabric & 3D Air Mesh in Eurotop for air ventilation.

Silicone Fiber

Soft silicone fiber for ultra soft feel, the moment your guest lays on it.

Soft PU Foam

Top panel quilted with track & jump design with two layers of soft PU foam.

2nd Layer of PU Foam

A second layer of track & jump design PU foam is added to make the mattress ultra plush.

High Density Foam

2 Inch of High Density PU foam is added just after the Euro Pillow Top construction.

Insulation Layer

High density of insulating cotton felt is added between the Foam and Spring Pockets.

High Density Spring Pockets

Enforced Border Wire Construction with butterfly M-Spring as edge supports with Pocketed Spring Unit for ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ Sleep Experience


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