Date : 2020-11-18 09:26:33

Why does my back hurt while sleeping on a new mattress?

Sleep is such an essential part of our lives that less or lack of it can disrupt all other body functions. Sleeping comfortable and sleeping a low-quality sleep or with body issues are two different things that have a massive impact on our mental and physical well-being. When you sleep on an incompatible or aging mattress, it shows in your mental health every day and physical health too. Apart from being stressed out, lazy, and facing other mental disorders because of not waking up fresh, you can have physical pains.

Issues like back pain, mostly lower back pains, are common and affect a lot of people. These factors and back pains only increase in severity if you do not take care of your body with exercise and physiological health maintenance. Sleeping is both relaxation and a physiological test to allow your body to adjust to a specific posture while allowing every part to relax. Similarly, when you do not wake up feeling revitalized from the last day's stresses, you acquire mental stress debt. Physical and mental stress keep on piling up unless you take care of your well-being in both its forms-physical and mental. And getting a good night's sleep on a high-quality mattress ensures your body's active and passive well-being.

Why is it important to choose the right type of mattress?
Back and shoulders are the leading causes of awkward sleep pains and cause for concern for long-term issues. Choosing the right mattress is especially crucial for your sleep because it directly influences your sleep quality and comfort at the end of the day. If you go for a generic mattress or a mattress not compatible with your body frame, it can lead to your sleep and health issues. That is why we use SleepID to help pair customers with mattresses that suit their overall health as per personal preferences and body frame.

Mattresses are an investment in your health that ensures that you enjoy both the comfort and health benefits that come with a healthy, compatible mattress. In other words, the better you sleep, the less stressed out you feel in the short term (every day on waking up) and long-term from these issues piling up. Taking care of your body may not always be possible through exercise and diet because most of us face lifestyle changes due to personal and global issues. But a mattress stays with you through the years, taking care of your body throughout everything.

Choosing the right mattress becomes even more essential when you know it has to take care of your body without any compromise. A mattress takes care of your mental health (indirectly) through thick and thin and physical health actively. You may not notice these issues in your youth, but older people face all kinds of issues and have requirements that specific mattresses can solve.

Here is why it is essential to choose the right mattress for your back pain:
Facing back pain on a new mattress or pains in genera are mostly because of incompatibility. Having a heavier body weight and lighter cushioning mattress or vice versa can lead to back pains and much more. Comfort and support are the two preferences that each kind of mattress can give different results. Mattresses with more comfort or plushness have softer raw materials or lower density depending upon construction. On the other hand, support directly correlates with high density and firmer materials.
Comfort relates and affects your sleep quality, coziness, and general quality, and healthy sleep indicators. Supportive mattresses help support bodyweight, spine, and back alignment and help relieve muscle and body pains. Comfort and support have to have a balance for most people and tilt to either side for people with special requirements.
Supportive mattresses have firmer surfaces and usually rigid construction paired with the right raw material—innerspring mattresses, orthopedic mattresses of different kinds, among other mattresses. Supportive mattresses can also have a decent amount of plushness and comfort, but it depends on your requirements and the mattress you go for.

Comfortable mattresses are usually memory foam or latex foam (both comfortable and supportive) and anything that can contour your body. It can be supportive mattresses with a cushion pillow top to help contour your body from our mattress range. If you're looking for a sleeping in the air experience, mattresses like memory foam, PU foam, or even latex foam can help, depending upon density and construction.

Comfort and support are factors that lie in personal preferences and can be subjective. If you're looking for comfort and support for your choice, it is always a good idea to try out a mattress before purchasing it. This is what makes in-store purchasing an essential part of your mattress choosing phase. If you choose incompatible mattresses, it can lead to lower back pain and pains in your pelvic and shoulder area. This is because the new mattress cannot support where it is needed and comfort on most pressure points.

Different types of mattresses and the functions they serve:
The mattress raw material and construction play a significant role in helping you sleep, depending on your body frame. You can generally expect mattresses like memory foam and latex foam to be better for contouring and sleeping on softer surfaces. Latex foam is also a medium-firm mattress that helps in supporting as a mattress. You can also expect exceptional support from innerspring mattresses and bonded foam based mattresses like our Orthobond mattresses.

Here are the different types of mattresses that you can choose for better health:

1. Memory foam:
Memory foam mattresses are best for people with average body weight (BMI to be specific), that contours your body and gives a sinking in experience. High-density memory foams are ideal because they last longer and give better results and advantages for long-term use and comfort. Moreover, memory foam mattresses can also help relieve fatigue from the day as the best comfortable mattress option. If you're looking for a mattress that helps keep you cozy and warm, memory foam is the best choice.

High-density memory foam is especially useful for most people. However, if you are overweight or do not prefer a mattress's softness, it can lead to problems like back pain and shoulder pain. As the main pressure points, our back and shoulders need a healthy balance of support and comfort instead of sinking into the mattress. So, if you go for a memory foam mattress without considering other factors, it can lead to back and shoulder problems.

2. Latex foam mattresses:
Latex foam mattresses have a medium-firm surface that acts more like a spring to keep you afloat. It doesn't give an experience of sinking into the mattress and has more support. As a benefit of its density and natural material, you can expect latex foam mattresses to last a long time. Moreover, latex foam mattresses are great for a general balance of comfort and support and usually better for middle-aged people who need support but just enough comfort to make it a luxurious experience. However, you can only have back pains and other issues from a latex foam mattress if you have existing issues that need proper support or plushness.

3. Bonded foam:
Rebonded Foam is usually extra firm and helps simulate an innerspring mattress's support at an affordable price. Due to the firm surface and overall structure, rebonded foam is ideal for extra support for orthopedics and mattresses. If you have average body weight or prefer mattresses with more plushness, a firm mattress like this can lead to body pain issues. Since your spine and shoulders need a more natural position to relax in different sleeping orientations, firm mattresses are not suitable for people not preferring them. You only need support and a firm surface if you have issues or are more athletic. Otherwise, a firm mattress like rebonded foam can lead to issues with blood circulation and back pain.

4. Bonnell spring mattresses:
Bonnell spring mattress has an hourglass-shaped innerspring coil system. Both the springs' ends can be extra firm and not ideal for people who want plushness instead of extra firmness. It is suitable for orthopedic use as it can support a spine with issues, but it is not an ideal sleeping experience for most people. The firmness needs to be insulated with the help of comfort layers, but even in those cases, it isn't ideal for people.
Bonnell spring mattresses can cause back pain in young people that do not need the extra firm surface and support in this case. Moreover, Bonnell spring mattresses having a flat surface can have issues with shoulder and pelvic pain too. As the firm surface leaves no room for allowing any sinking movement or relaxation, it can cause issues with these sensitive areas.

5. PU Foam: PU foam is a polyurethane-based material with larger cellular pores and lower density in nature. If you're looking for a comfortable mattress, PU foam is an affordable option for people who want better temperature regulation and little support. PU Foam mattress can have little comfort and less support because it isn't ideal for older people. Moreover, PU foam is not a good option, in general, to be used for your body as the core material. PU Foam is best as an affordable option, but not a good option for older people or people with more considerable body weight. This low support level can cause issues with your sleeping posture, pains in the shoulders, pelvic area, and back. If you want a comfortable experience, memory foam is a better option than PU Foam.

How to find the best mattress?
Mattresses are a big enough investment to leave to choice and uneducated decisions. If you want a compatible mattress, there are many factors that one must consider like – body weight, age, physical ailments, lifestyle, gender, among others. Our SleepID tool helps you make an educated decision with a 94% accuracy of satisfaction. By considering different variables, the tool pairs you with a range of mattresses that suit your body. Based on the results, you can choose any mattress as per your preference, budget, requirement, and rest assured, knowing you have made the best choice.

Our SleepID algorithm took years of research and development and took real-world data from across the world. Based on this and medical certifications to our mattresses, you can be sure that your King Koil mattress is ideal for your body in the short and long-term. Most of us buy a mattress based on its type, the marketing we face, and recommendations from friends and family.

However, to get the best results, science and data is the best way to choose a mattress. Rather than relying on recommendations, type of mattress alone, there is a mix of factors to consider before making your decision. That is why our SleepID takes in several factors and shows mattresses that are good for your overall health in the long-term and offer a luxurious sleeping experience.

Back pain on a new mattress doesn't always mean that you have a weak spine or lower back issues. It can be because of less or extra supportive, or less and extra plush mattresses. It would help if you had a balance of comfort and support levels for a mattress to be compatible and suit your body in the long-term. Any pains we face on an aging or new mattress means that the mattress is not compatible. If you want a mattress that is compatible and suits you, we recommend visiting our store or requesting an in-house demo for mattresses in your SleepID range. The better you feel every day because of mattresses, the better your body shows signs for it.


1. Will a latex foam mattress help overcome back pains?

Yes, a latex foam mattress can help relieve back and body pains. However, it depends on your body's frame, age, physical issues, and severity of body pains. Latex foam mattresses are a medium-firm spring-like material that offers more bounce and support for people with average body weight. If you have a sedentary lifestyle and are on the younger side, it can help give proper support and cushioning to all the major pressure points in your body.
However, for overweight, obese, old, or people with physical issues, it comes down to the mattress quality and personal issues. For example, people with extra body weight would find the mattress is only supportive to an extent and not ideal as a long-term solution. It is a good option for older people if the issues with body pain aren't too severe, in which case they might need a specialized orthopedic mattress. Latex foam mattresses offer an outstanding level of comfort and support balance, and it depends on your body on how much it can relieve pain.

2. My old and new mattresses cause pain to my guests and me when sleeping. What is the issue?
This means either the mattress is low-quality or not compatible with either of the body forms. Mattress discomfort happens when people go for an individual material mattress without research. Your old and new mattress might be extra plush or extra firm, which might not be suitable in general for a wide variety of people unless they have special requirements. If you want a high-quality mattress that suits everyone, we recommend looking at our hospitality, ultra-luxury, or Westin-bed style mattresses. The issue lies more with the mattress than the kind of body you have or lifestyle in such a case.

3. Is innerspring mattress the best solution for supportive requirements?
It depends on your requirements. In most cases, innerspring mattresses are best for mattress support. However, in the few cases that need more attention or comfort, they might not always be the best-case scenario. You can look at hybrid innerspring mattresses or rebonded foam (Orthobond) and orthopedic mattresses for better support. Moreover, latex foam mattresses are also suitable for general support unless there are special needs like physical ailments, obesity, or older age.

4. I want a guest mattress that suits a wide variety of people. What to choose?
A guest mattress has to be low maintenance and support and comfortable irrespective of specific body frames. In such a case, it is best to choose a latex foam mattress or choose options from our hospitality mattresses. You want something that lasts years yet gives a luxurious experience to all guests. If you have guests dropping by frequently, you should look at high-density and dual-comfort mattresses too.
Moreover, you can also use mattress toppers to change the sleeping experience as per your guest's requirements. Mattress toppers help protect your mattress and change the sleeping experience significantly for guests. It would help if you avoided individual use of innerspring mattresses as they can accumulate dust or memory foam that can sink quickly.