Date : 2020-10-27 14:22:29

What is Dual Comfort Mattress or Flippable Mattresses?

When aiming for a mattress, most people either want to upgrade from their current because of one or the other factor. It could be less support, comfort, or the excess of either of these two factors. For people who want a change of environment, especially in their bed, dual comfort mattresses are the best. Dual comfort mattresses or flippable mattresses consist of different layers of materials with varying density. This difference of variation between these two levels of density leads to a more comfortable experience. You would buy one kind of mattress for a particular reason; a dual comfort mattress is better suited for people who want their mattress to solve more than one purpose.

Is a dual comfort mattress able to compete with individual mattresses?
As you may know them, an individual mattress or mattress has a specific build that focuses on one specialization. That is, from the bottom support layer, upholstery to the upper comfort layers, they're built for one or more purposes. However, a dual comfort mattress is different as it makes use of a different system. Most dual comfort mattresses have a reliable and firm core to support the comfort layers on either side of the mattress. This is essential because you might sleep on either side of the mattress and still experience comfort without feeling as if you're 'sleeping wrong.' A dual comfort or reversible mattress helps you sleep on a softer side on days you want to and the firmer side similarly.

Comfort levels explained in dual comfort mattress:
Each dual comfort mattress can have varying levels of comfort and support as per the mattress construction. Much like an individual use mattress, flippable mattresses also have different support and comfort levels, and the dual side use only makes things complex. That is why it is also essential to understand dual comfort mattresses the same way individual mattresses work for your benefit. Here are some products that you can check out and understand how the dual comfort works in favor of your body and sleep:

1. You Bed:
The You Bed is the softer of all the dual mattress options on this list. In general, the You Bed has one side soft, and the other medium soft. So, if you're willing to go for a bed that is softer and not too soft on the other side, this is the best choice. The You Bed has an HR Foam core that supports the two sides to be supportive enough to compensate for their softness. This results in a mattress that is firm in its core and soft in general on either side. The soft side needs enough support to provide relief on either side and provide a robust mattress design.
The You Bed also has an attractive design with denim fabric on the borders and damask fabric covering the sleeping sides. If you're looking for a mattress that helps you sink into the memory foam with adequate support, the You Bed is the right choice. Simultaneously, the You Bed is a dual comfort mattress as the other side is medium-firm, and you can flip the mattress on days when you don't want the memory side sinking feel. In either side experience, you can be sure that you would sleep with great comfort and healthy support from the HR Foam core.
Moreover, the You Bed's memory foam also helps contour your body and help align your spine. When you feel you have had a strenuous time for your spine, you can choose the medium-firm side supporting and comforts your back. It's ideal for people with healthy body weight and frame as memory foam and HR Foam can only support so much. Overall, it is a generally supportive yet comfortable dual sided mattress.

2. Orthomatic DX:
The Orthomatic DX has a firmer choice of foam for people who prefer firmer surfaces. The UltraBond foam makes this mattress an excellent option for people who need support and firm mattresses. Additionally, the Orthomatic DX has the core material made out of the UltraBond, supporting the two sides. This high density is essential when using a mattress with firmer sides to allow for proper support. On one side, there is HR foam to support your body and back, and on the other, there is pure foam, which is medium-firm. The comfort level or the plushy feel is less in this mattress design. As both sides of the mattress are firmer, it makes for an excellent orthopedic mattress.
The Orthomatic DX mattress also sports a luxurious look and construction with Jacquard fabric. This fabric helps give your mattress its luxurious looks and regulate temperature. The mattress's looks and overall design and the dual comfort options make the Orthomatic DX one of the best options to choose if you're looking for back and body support. Moreover, the Orthomatic DX flippable property allows some room for you to feel comfortable on the days you want. The mattress is generally medium-firm on one side and extra firm because of the HR foam on the other.

3. Orthomatic DY:
If you want an orthopedic mattress that is not as firm, you can go for the Orthomatic DY. This mattress is medium-firm on one side and medium-firm on the other. So, it is suitable for people who want some plushness level and a medium-firm surface for support. As an orthopedic mattress, the Orthomatic DY also has the right comfort level and the support to uphold and align your spine.
The dual-comfort factor makes this one of the best choices to go for if you're confused between a firm orthopedic mattressor a softer feeling mattress. The Orthomatic DY also has a unique construction design with a luxurious Jacquard top to complement it. It makes for a luxurious orthopedic addition to your bedroom that lets you sleep in a healthy balance of plush comfort and good support.

4. Posture Sense Sure Sleep:
A dual comfort innerspring mattress, the Posture Sense Sure Sleep is suitable for people who want a healthy balance of support and plushness. As the mattress is soft on one side and firm on the other, the innerspring system of pocket coils becomes quintessential for this mattress's construction. The pocketed springs act together with either side to help contour your body and support the layers through years of use. Because it is a dual mattress, we also have to use lighter pocket coil springs that help make maintenance and cleaning of this mattress easier.
The double heat tempered pocket coils last years with bare minimum noise (if any) and help you sleep on the surface of your choice every day. Moreover, the Posture Sense Sure Sleep mattress is suitable for people who face issues with their spine and shoulders. As the sides are generally softer, it isn't an orthopedic mattress but helps contour and align your spine and shoulders. Moreover, the Posture Sense Sure Sleep lasts years without losing its shape or new form. The mattress's design and overall aesthetics make this mattress a luxurious choice that helps you sleep through thick and thin.

Materials used in dual comfort mattresses:
The materials used in the various layers of dual comfort mattresses make up the core of the experience. While there is no support layer at the base, the general construction has to follow a sandwich-like pattern. That is, there have to be several comfort layers on either side of the mattress. While the support layer doesn't exist in the traditional sense of the term, the different layers on either side of a dual-comfort mattress act as one.

So, while you may have comfort layers made up of soft and thin layers of foam, either side's primary experience lies in the thicker foam layers on either side. That is, the core may be ultra-dense foam or innerspring and may have layers of foam on either side and comfort layers on top of them on each side. It sounds complicated but is more of a sandwich, with the core being the hardest.

- HR Foam:
HR Foam is an excellent option to use in dual comfort mattresses, making the mattress medium-firm on the surface. HR Foam is medium-firm to touch and based on density, and it can increase responsiveness and shock absorption with an increase in density. This rise in its resiliency properties also helps HR Foam last longer in both the support layers on any side and the core of a dual comfort mattress. As a result, you get a mattress that is medium-firm to touch, doesn't sink like memory foam but is as comfortable if you're looking for comfort with some plush level. HR foam also helps make the experience better for people with back issues as its high responsiveness and medium-firm experience helps support and comfort your spine at the same time.

- Pocket spring:
Pocket springs make for a great option as a core layer of the mattress. This is mostly because of their number required to make a good core and pocketed coils' silent experience. In the core, they also help conform around your body, so layers on either side of the mattress would also make for a better conforming experience. Because it's an innerspring system, it can last for years without losing shape. Moreover, the pocket spring or pocket coil system is better at supporting foam layers because of less impact and more distributed pressure across the surface. As the core component in a dual comfort mattress, this becomes even more important. The pocket spring system is also suitable for motion isolation as the individual springs do not transfer motion or disturb your partner.

Pure Sleep Grade PU Foam:
Sleep grade PU Foam use on either side gives a softer experience. A dual comfort mattress can make the mattress less expensive but lead to better overall comfort on one side. Unlike memory foam, it is better used inside the mattress than as a comfort layer. Because PU Foams are more prone to damage and sagging, complementing it with other support and comfort layers is a better option. Moreover, sleep-grade PU Foam might have higher density and quality to last longer in a dual comfort mattress. Pure sleep grade PU foam is suitable for people without any physical issues and average body weight. With higher responsiveness and lower density, it can feel a bit uncomfortable on some days.

BodySink Foam:
High-quality memory foam or BodySink foam is an excellent option for either side of a dual comfort mattress. It helps make your mattress much more comfortable and contour your body. BodySink foam or memory foam allows your body to sink in but stay supported as such a layer would demand a rigid core. As a dual comfort mattress has to last years without losing shape on either side, they're well-built for comfort and longevity, keeping the life of softer layers like memory foam in mind. Moreover, memory foam used in dual comfort mattress has to be high density and require more.
In some cases, we use memory foam in quilting, which makes the mattress more comfortable. While quilting in a dual-comfort mattress needs more care as the mattress has to face flipping regularly, we ensure top-notch materials in this layer. Layers like damask, jacquard, and Westin-bed style quilting help keep the mattress good as new no matter how many times you flip the mattress. Top-notch surface quilting and overall rigidity are a must for surface quilting to withstand the occasional flipping.

Unlike individual use mattresses, dual-comfort mattresses need to be more rigid and have solid construction. The varying levels of density and different mattress layers on either side require construction to withstand the different experiences. So, each dual-comfort mattress has taken in these factors to ensure longevity. While you may look at dual-comfort mattresses as a mix, the sandwich-like construction is essential in helping the mattress ensure a proper and comfortable balance of support and comfort.

Advantages of a dual comfort mattress:

1. Twice the comfort for a marginally higher price:

The best part about a dual comfort mattress is the ability to go for a more value of money variant. That is, you get twice the levels of comfort as per your requirement, and the price is marginally higher than if you choose an individual mattress of either kind. You can go for a mattress that offers medium-firm on one side and extra hard on another or medium-soft on one and medium-firm on the other. The combinations are different as per your requirement, and choosing a dual-comfort mattress gives you more options throughout the years than rely on one mattress. With the varying densities and options to look for in dual-comfort mattresses, it also means that you would have a more robust mattress.
The experience would not be on par with an individual function mattress but more or less the same. The best way to decide on a single function or dual-comfort mattress would be to experience it in store. If you find different experiences more suitable and valuable than a single mattress, it is better to invest more. The price factor might be an issue if you feel you are going to be changing mattresses. However, the overall functionality makes up for the marginally higher price.

2. Mattress's life is more as you can use both sides:
Because of the mattress's construction, you would experience a mattress built to contain both sides. Moreover, the mattress life depends on mattress construction, stitching, and the raw material in place. In a dual-comfort mattress, there are two mattress construction types fused to make one flippable mattress. Because both sides have varying comfort and support levels, the primary side gets time to relax once you switch to the other side. In an individual use mattress, year after year of use may cause sagging and other issues, but this isn't the case in a reversible mattress. A dual-comfort mattress is well-built to withstand the occasional turning and, as a result, give time for the foam of any kind to come back to its original state. This property results in the newness that lasts several years and maintenance, which requires little effort too.

3. Flipping property:
One of the main gripes of any individual function mattress is how they seem to become our used-to option for sleeping. No matter how comfortable they are, some level of change is always good. It might be because your lifestyle has caused you to gain or lose weight, but a dual-comfort mattress addresses these issues. If you see yourself sitting long hours in your lifestyle, a particular side preference can help you. On the other hand, if you are athletic or standing long hours and facing back pain, you can switch to the other side. This is the main advantage of any dual-comfort mattress. All it takes is a flip, and you're good to go for a changed sleeping experience as per your requirement.

4. A higher density of foams is used in these mattresses to maintain a good comfort and support level at both sides:
Unlike varying density levels in individual mattresses, dual-comfort mattresses have to use higher density foams. Although you may get to experience a medium-soft or medium-firm surface, the raw material has to be high-density. This is because the density ensures longevity, and it's vital for the overall structural integrity of the mattress.

Higher density materials ensure a good comfort and support level in both sides to ensure there is not a world of difference between the two sides. The two sides need to be close in terms of density because if one side is lower density, it will experience sagging and destroy the other side's comfort and support. Moreover, if a side is low density, it also means that it will lead to sagging on its own and damage the mattress quilting, and issues with the general quality. Even softer sides need to maintain high-density materials to avoid wear and tear and excessive sagging.

5. Even pressure distribution as densities are higher:
Because dual-comfort mattresses have high-density materials on both sides, it also means that there would be equal pressure distribution. As a result of higher density, there would be less motion transfer and pressure distribution, which helps you get a similar experience on either side. All that changes is how the mattress feels and comforts when you flip the sides.

Even pressure distribution also ensures that you can sleep better without feeling the need to ever switch to the other side. After all, a dual-comfort mattress has to feel comfortable on both sides and then leave the choice of different experience to you. The uniform pressure distribution also helps ensure that your mattress doesn't sag or lose its structural integrity on the other side when you sleep on one side.

6. Spinal alignment:
The high-density materials in use, in addition to the core of the dual-comfort mattress, make them support your spine better. As a dual comfort mattress strays away from the single function construction, the layers on either side help align your spine. Irrespective of the sleeping orientation you tend to sleep in, choosing either side helps align your spine. This is because of the uniform pressure distribution and high-density material layers in your mattress. The difference inside firmness or softness determines the contouring and support that your spine gets. However, if we talk in general, any dual-comfort mattress's construction allows for spinal alignment because of how the core acts together with layers on either side. If you sleep on the back, you can choose the firmer side to allow your spine support and fall into its natural S-shaped form. In case you sleep on the side, a softer mattress side would help your shoulders and spinal alignment.

The difference in construction and properties of a dual comfort and individual function mattress:
If a dual comfort mattress is so good, why are people not always going for something that lasts longer and is more value of money than a single-function mattress? It depends on the comfort, aesthetics, and other properties that set these two construction types apart. Here are the main distinction points to keep in mind when you choose either over another:

1. Support:
The support level in a single-use and dual-comfort mattress can vary depending upon its construction. For example, a single-use memory foam mattress would have layers of different density making up everything from the support layer, upholstery, and the comfort layer of your mattress. This would result in a mattress that dedicates its entire construction height to give more support. Another case can be of an innerspring mattress or a mattress that uses HR Foam. In individual function mattresses, these options would use all of their layer components to make up for the entire construction and give better support.
On the other hand, in a dual-comfort mattress, the different layers on either side can only have so much height and layers. A dual comfort mattress would either be slimmer or the same in terms of the mattress's height. The height in a dual-comfort mattress would be a measure of the core layer's structure and layers on either side. As a result, the support factor would be dependent on the core and the layers on either side. Although they can maintain an adequate pressure distribution level, it wouldn't match an individual-function mattress in terms of support. If you need exceptional support or above-average support, it is always a good idea to choose an individual-function mattress. If you want different comfort and support levels without a particular focus on how much support you need, a dual-comfort mattress would be the better choice.

2. Temperature regulation:
Another distinction that would set apart dual-comfort mattresses and an individual mattress would be their temperature regulation. While materials, space, and overall construction determine temperature regulation in an individual mattress, a flippable mattress would act as an insulator. Because of high-density materials on either side and no room left to leave air or temperature regulation, a dual-comfort mattress wouldn't regulate heat as good as an individual mattress would.
Layers made up of high-density memory foam would retain heat and not regulate it, which might make dual-comfort mattresses cumbersome for people who want a cozier bed or tend to sleep hot. Since dual-comfort mattresses also isolate motion, you would feel like you're stuck in one place and gathering up all the heat. However, if you have average body weight and go for a supportive rather than sinking or softer dual-comfort mattress, it shouldn't be an issue.

3. Construction:
The construction of an individual use mattress differs significantly from a reversible mattress. While construction determines the longevity and overall mattress quality and sleeping experience, it is good to know before making your final choice.

Single-use mattress:
A single-use mattress has three layers- the support layer which faces the bed. The upholstery in the middle and the comfort layers on top, which you experience the most. These layers work together with each other to give a balance of comfort or support or tilt to either of these two factors. You can view it as everything in a single-use mattress works to give you the properties and features it offers. If you invert it, the experience wouldn't be comfortable at all.

Dual-comfort mattress:
In a dual comfort mattress, the core takes most of the pressure from your body. This pressure eventually goes down to the other side, but it's the core that determines how either side feels. In other words, unlike an individual-use mattress, a dual-comfort mattress exerts force and pressure throughout the mattress. If you sleep on one side, it will affect the other, and vice versa. In other words, a dual-comfort mattress isn't dedicated to one single feature but multi-functionality. You may go for a dual mattress if you see yourself changing the sides often and individual use if you see that you prefer one function property.

The properties, construction, and general design of a dual-comfort mattress vary vastly from an individual use mattress. But the duality of its usefulness has its pros and cons. If you want a mattress that you can change or clean easily and see yourself keeping it for up to 10 years or more, go for a dual-comfort mattress. If you want a mattress that gives you a much higher and focused level of comfort or support or both, an individual use mattress is the wiser choice.

A dual-comfort mattress may be suitable for people looking for orthopedic use depending upon the body's condition, and they want to experience a different side. Whereas an individual use orthopedic would not allow this, and you would have to upgrade once you see your body's issues going away. The same applies to people with varying lifestyles. The best way to assess what works for you is also to see how many people sleep on the bed or your lifestyle changing in the near future.

For example, in the current climate, people are living sedentary lifestyles globally. Once more and more people become immune and return to everyday lives, they would experience a difference in their physical and mental well-being. The same sedentary lifestyle mattress wouldn't work. If you know you're going to be bored or face trouble sleeping on a mattress after a couple of years, a dual-comfort mattress is always the better choice.

The best way to tell apart these two kinds of mattresses is to visit a King Koil store near you. Apart from the quality, construction, and aesthetics, it is more important to find a mattress that suits your body in the short term and long-term health. Our SleepID Kiosks and staff can help you guide between this intense dilemma between the two mattress types. There is no clear winner of these construction types, as the preference depends entirely on you to choose and invest accordingly.