Date : 2020-09-18 15:46:34

The Next Big Thing in Sleep Industry - Research & Development – SleepID

Sleep is something that doesn’t attract much thought or attention by many people until it starts giving problems. But, taking care of how to improve sleep, either by lifestyle choices, sleep environment, among other non-invasive, high impact features like medicines take much research. Research and development are at the heart of any organization and industry that wants to improve their products and services based on data and innovation. SleepID is one such tool that we at King Koil India have developed with the help of real data from trials and testing on our mattresses.

Using advanced data analytics and measuring a vast dataset of pressure points and how our bodies react and sleep with mattresses, SleepID is a highly advanced self-assessment tool. Sleep is essential for your health in innumerous ways, and taking care of your sleep means you’re taking care of your overall well-being directly and indirectly. Getting quality sleep doesn’t require that much effort but does need you to give up specific patterns (or say, be more relaxed and in the moment). Getting good sleep needs you to follow specific practices and adopt mindfulness and winding down when it comes to sleeping at night. The more stressed out, active, or full you are, the more difficult it will be for you to go to sleep and stay asleep.

What is SleepID?
SleepID focuses on the environmental aspects of your sleeping, especially your mattress. Based on your body type, BMI, age, existing ailments, and various factors, it can give you a correct assessment of what mattress would be best suited for you. Using over 300k combinations of points, elements, and characteristics, SleepID has been created to give you data-backed results of getting a mattress that suits you. By working on this data assessment with the International Chiropractic Association (ICA), real-life data helps us consider data from you before making any recommendations. You can also view SleepID as an advanced data analytics program or tool to match you with mattresses that suit you to guarantee healthy and high-quality sleep.

Why was there a necessity to create SleepID?
More people in the world go to sleep on bad mattresses and unhealthy lifestyles because of bad decisions before purchasing. Selecting mattresses that look fancy and do not suit your body and sleep is not the objective one should be aiming for. But, seeing this as a problem, we created SleepID by using real data and address real-world customer woes, factors, and pressure points. If you choose any random mattress, it would seem comfortable first, and you would not even notice any issues. But experimentation and data tell us it takes up to 30 days for our body to give signals if there is anything wrong with our sleep (in addition to any initial discomfort, if any).

Most of the time, you choose a mattress you see online or in-store and tend to be budget-friendly without mentioning much else. You can see good reviews online, quality seems excellent, but the problem doesn’t lie in these factors. Everyone has different lifestyles, body size, age, body issues (if any), so how can one mattress be an excellent fit for all? One shoe doesn’t fit all, and the same applies to mattresses. SleepID was something that was an innovation as a result of this problem. If a random mattress is not suitable for you, how best to determine what works and what doesn’t? SleepID uses data to help pre-assess what mattress is right for what body kind, age, preference, etc. At King Koil, this is the main reason why there is not a trial period for mattresses, and yet there is a 94% match for customer satisfaction as all our mattress recommendations work with proven data.

How does SleepID work?
Apart from mattresses, your lifestyle, and bodily factors determine your sleep quality. Using real world data, we came to the conclusion that everything should be in consideration before relying on one factor to improve the rest. These factors determine how well your body adjusts to your mattress, and vice versa:

1. Lifestyle: Your lifestyle is one of the main factors to consider when buying a new mattress. This is because a sedentary lifestyle means you’re more likely to be overweight, have chronic pains, among other issues, and to need more care as a result. On the other hand, an active lifestyle means that you have muscles that are in good shape and do not need to be cuddled as much to maintain themselves. Sure, comfort is one thing to look forward to, but orthopedics and extreme cuddling isn’t something an athletic person prefers or even needs. Your lifestyle also dictates your physical ailments and BMI, and considering everything becomes a necessity than a luxury when it comes to your sleep.

2. Your preference for softness and firmness: It varies from person to person, how soft they like their mattress or how firm. But this is one factor that is very dynamic and cannot be fixed. You might like soft mattresses when you have extreme exhaustion and have some existing issues or pains in your body. Alternatively, you may like firm mattresses on days you need to get out of bed quickly, or the soft cushioning tends to be more uncomfortable because of high-temperature weather or extra body weight, among other factors.
Choosing your mattress’ firmness or softness can perhaps be the most significant factor to think about. But the best way to choose this is to just experience and see what mattresses, in general, have been working for you. On a consensus, athletic people are more likely to go for firmer mattresses or combination of firm and soft in one, and older adults or people with sedentary lifestyles go for softer ones.

3. Pressure points: The central pressure points in your body tend to be your back and shoulders when you are in the side or on back sleeping position. These pressure points need a lot of cuddling and maintenance as they tend to attract the most pains and discomfort because of unsuitable mattresses. This scenario applies especially to older adults and people with physical ailments, especially chronic pains in the back and shoulder. For people that tend to sleep in a fetal or on the stomach position, knowing about pressure points in the abdomen or on their knees is a similar issue. Moreover, pressure points need extra care and pressure depending on severity. The best way to address concerns regarding pressure points is to use SleepID and go for orthopedic mattresses in general.

4. BMI and Weight: SleepID makes use of your weight distribution and weight to assess the best mattress recommendations that work for you. Using these data points and more is critical in determining the firmness, height, and material of mattresses that are best for your body type. Your weight and BMI are critical factors not just because they need extra care, but also because you might lose or gain weight over the next few years. However, making sure that you address your weight and BMI concerns in the near future as per your lifestyle is the best way to go forward. Moreover, this also has an enormous impact on your pressure points, muscles and special considerations while investing in your new mattress.

5. Gender and body composition: Gender doesn’t necessarily have much of an impact unless it is because of pregnancies or complications in either sex, which you can attribute to other factors. Families tend to have more massive beds, and with kids and pregnancy, investing in a mattress that lets you sleep as a family and enjoy your sleep becomes more important and sensitive than ever. In such a case, it is best to go for mattresses with minimum movement to avoid disturbing your partner or child sleeping on the bed, as well as support and cushion extra weight.
Your body composition can also be an essential factor which is why we use it for SleepID assessment. Females tend to have more upper back and shoulder problems, in addition to other issues. Males are bound to be either highly energetic or sedentary, and this plays a vital role in defining your body composition. If you have excess weight around your abdomen, it might require select mattresses to take care and uphold the extra weight as you go through lifestyle changes in gaining or losing weight. SleepID is especially useful in this scenario as it tends to take care of everything before making a final recommendation on mattresses that are suitable for you.

How does SleepID make use of these factors to determine what works for you?
SleepID is essentially a data analysis tool that makes use of these data points to work out which mattresses go with what as per pre-defined models. In simpler words, you can look at it as something that uses past experiences and data(modelled) into it to determine how mattresses work with the data you enter. Additionally, SleepID is an excellent option to help customize your mattress buying experience to help you get a sense of the luxury and quality that we offer at King Koil.
SleepID was developed with people of different body sizes and mattresses with extensive research and development. Using pressure mapping techniques to work out what is best for your body as per doctor recommendations and other techniques help us deliver what we show. The best part about SleepID is you get a range of mattresses from our company to match your requirement allowing you the freedom to even stick to a budget and go for looks in the long term.

After you get an assessment, you can see that you might have received an analysis of what works for you as well as a SleepID number. This number helps you select your mattress from a range of suitable mattresses and choose as per your personal preference of design, softness, among other elements. With 94% prediction analysis, SleepID helps determine your sleep and mattress relationship to as best as possible and not be let down in the coming years.

What are the results that one can expect from a SleepID derived mattress?
Our SleepID results are 94% accurate, and if you consider that it is from a scientific data background and not consumer reviews, the data analysis and recommendation system ensure that you get the best mattress for your body. SleepID was also established to help out customers who do not know what materials and designs would suit them apart from the initial feel.

SleepID helps the layman understand what kind of materials and mattress would be helpful for them in the long term, and is one of the main purchase decision factors when buying a mattress.

Research and development is a quintessential step in the areas where there are too many factors to consider in making purchase decisions. In the case of mattresses, there are factors to consider in both the material and design of mattresses, among other factors as well as consumer behavior. The best way to deal with this problem and reach a two-way solution is with science and data. And, as our SleepID tool’s 94% accuracy proves, it is successful in helping our customers buy just what they need.
In addition to relying on SleepID, our customers also enjoy the experience of seeing and checking our mattresses first-hand in our safe and luxurious outlets. Our outlets are equipped with SleepID Kiosks and most of the range of our mattresses to help decide in-person in addition to the guidance from SleepID.
The best way to choose your mattresses at King Koil becomes not only your personal experience but scientific data-backed. With the right purchase decision, you feel the difference in your daily life too. You tend to be more energetic, wake up less after going to sleep, as well as feel more productive, and all of this is thanks to SleepID and the research and development that goes behind it.