Date : 2020-08-27 10:21:28

Does an Ortho Mattress Really Give You More Comfort?

When it comes to relaxing and relieving your body, not only does a high-quality mattress matter, but it takes a special kind of it to alleviate your pain. An ortho mattress uses materials and construction to help with special needs like chronic pains and body ailments. Given that its main purpose is to firstly help you feel some relief from your pain, its comfort is another factor to discuss. While an orthopedic mattress gives you more comfort for your pain points, is it any different from other mattresses that cushion your pain points? Orthopedic mattresses act on a variety of points and regions in your body. You can get orthopedic mattresses for your back problems, shoulders, and even help in general comfort in the entire body.

Materials used in orthopedic mattresses:
While you can get different types of orthopedic mattresses, there are also different kinds of materials and construction options available.

1. Inner springs coils: You can also go for orthopedic mattresses with innerspring coils, but it depends on your ailments and pain points. Pocket springs which make for a high volume to support your points instead of putting more pressure like spaced ones are perfect. Moreover, while the internal upholstery would be made up of a well-built innerspring coils system, the outer support layers would be more suited for comfort. The inner springs can act to support your entire body and pressure points, and the outer layers can do both- support and provide comfort. In some cases, you can also opt for regular innerspring coils as per your requirement of comfort-support balance.

2. Memory Foam: A memory foam construction guarantees one of the most comfortable experiences if you want your mattress to hug you. This is ideal for people who are looking for more comfort than support as it tends to sink more. A memory foam orthopedic mattress tends to help with moderate pain and if you’re trying to look for more comfort. A comfortable bed mattress that works for your comfort and contouring your body and cushioning your points in extreme comfort, memory foam is a great choice for people with an active lifestyle. As memory foam tends to sink lower than other orthopedic mattresses, it is suitable for young people to middle-aged people with mild conditions for more comfort. This is because getting out of a memory foam mattress may need more effort depending upon your physical health.

3. HR Foam: HR foam or High resiliency foam is one of the best options to choose for orthopedic purposes. Its high resiliency (ability to bounce back as close to its original shape as possible), makes it a great orthopedic option. This is because the HR foam makes it possible to not only contour and cushion your body and pain points, but provides the same comfort as memory foam. However, the best part about HR foam is its ability to retain its shape, which makes it ideal for orthopedic use across all ages. Elders and people with body ailments wouldn’t sink in the HR foam as much as compared to the memory foam.

4. Rebonded foam mattress: A rebonded foam mattress makes for an ideal orthopedic mattress, as it gets rid of any potential points to cause further stress. Unlike an innerspring or memory foam mattress, a rebonded foam mattress makes for a great and comfortable supporting experience and emulates the spring-like action which it draws from its mash-up of its composition. Made up of different pieces of foam shredded and glued together to act like a spring, a rebonded foam mattress is a perfect orthopedic mattress which makes it easy for it to support your body.

Additionally, this also means that it acts like a spring without any of the hassles or maintenance of one, but tends to lose its structure after some years. Our Orthobond range of mattresses makes for both an excellent comfortable experience as well as provides support for your major pain points like shoulders, lower back, and spine in general. A bit low on the comfort scale, but perfect in alleviating your pain and preventing any more pain-causing body stress, Orthobond rebonded foam mattresses are perfect for all ages.

Orthopedic mattresses arranged by their support and firmness level:
No mattress is the same, and the same applies to Orthopedic mattress. This is especially true when it comes to the level of support or firmness that they offer.

1. Rebonded Foam: HR foam is the best option when it comes to a healthy balance of the support and comfort that it provides. Our Orthobond range of mattresses also have medical certifications from the ICA (International Chiropractor Association), USA. If you are looking for as much support and ease getting from and lie on to the mattress, the HR foam is the best option. It doesn’t sink as low and is made up of foam pieces glued together to uphold your body and allow it space and freedom to move with the mattress. As an orthopedic mattress first before anything else, the rebonded mattress is the most comfortable and supporting.

2. HR foam: A good quality HR foam wouldn’t depress so much that it loses its original shape. That is, as it tends to maintain its original shape, it offers more support than other kinds of comfortable mattresses. If you’re looking for more comfort and support, HR foam is the best choice to go for.

3. Inner springs: There are several kinds of innerspring coils mattresses, but if you are looking for ortho bed mattresses, only some serve the same function. Innerspring coil mattresses with too much gap between the springs or inside the spring system and frame are the complete opposite of what you should aim for ortho bed mattresses. However, innerspring mattresses like pocket coils are good if you are looking for support and freedom to move. Pocket coils aren’t as liberal with the freedom to move but are comfortable enough to be used for orthopedic purposes and support all of your weak points.

4. Memory foam: If you’re looking for support in a memory foam mattress, you would have to choose a different one. However, they’re great for extreme comfort and wouldn’t be the best option for supporting weak points as ortho bed mattresses.

Orthopedic mattresses arranged by comfort level:

1. HR foam:
HR foam is the most comfortable option to choose if you are shopping for orthopedic mattress online or ortho bed mattresses. This is because they act like a toughened-up version of memory foam capable of supporting your body despite compressing to some extent. The best part about HR foam mattresses is their ability to reform back to their original support to a great extent. This also makes them one of the best back support mattresses to help uphold your spine in its natural position. Moreover, HR foam mattresses also help support and provide great comfort to all of your paining or weak points, and makes them the best orthopedic comfortable bed mattress.

2. Rebonded foam mattress: Rebonded foam mattresses and innersprings mattresses in general help in giving your body a generally flat surface to relax upon. This also means that they tend to be firm to some extend but depending on the inner construction can be just as comfortable. If you’re looking for comfort, firmness and the freedom to move, then a rebonded foam mattress can be just as good of a comfortable bed mattress as any.

3. Foam mattress: Orthopedic memory foam mattresses are made up of memory foam in their middle upholstery making up the bulk od the mattress. Foam mattress is a great option if you’re looking for more comfort and softness when it comes to an orthopedic mattress. Moreover, a foam mattress also cushions your back, shoulders and any other pain points well enough to keep them in their natural state and allow them to rest in a position without any stress whatsoever. However, this also means just as much initial force to get up and move out of the mattress as per your body type and age. So, while a foam mattress gives you great comfort and cushioning it isn’t the ideal option for people with severe physical issues.

4. Inner springs mattress: Inner springs coil mattresses are better suited for firmness and support than comfort. Although a pocket coil mattress would give you more liberty to move and jump in and out of, it wouldn’t be as comfortable as the rebonded, memory or HR foam mattresses.

How does an orthopedic mattress help you avoid back pain or body pain issues?
An orthopedic mattress is made keeping in mind the construction and materials to be used for supporting your back and shoulders in general. While most mattresses are made with sleep grade material instead of general, orthopedic mattresses take it step further. From their construction, materials used, to size and thickness, everything is made and pieced together to provide just the right amount of support and comfort to help relieve and prevent any pains.

Orthopedic mattresses help in upholding your spine and help secure its natural S shape in a way to prevent any further damage or pains due to bad posture. If you have a sedentary lifestyle or tend to suffer from back pain due to old age or other factors orthopedic mattresses can help you in getting comfort and relief from lying and sleeping on them.
However, as obvious as it is, sleeping on an orthopedic mattress also means it wouldn’t cure or reverse your condition. With the right care, medicines, lifestyle changes and medicines you might be able to reverse or cure chronic pains, but a mattress can prevent it from becoming more severe and preventing those conditions.

Orthopedic mattresses also make your shoulders, back, lower back lie in a natural position and avoid any unnatural position. This means they’re just as good for people with existing ailments as they’re good to prevent these conditions. However, you should only choose an orthopedic mattress if you are prone or have danger of these conditions existing to better suit the option for your body.

Cons of Ortho mattresses:
As great and comfortable orthopedic mattresses are, they also have downsides if not chosen wisely or used inappropriately.

1. Bulky form factor: Orthopedic mattresses can be bulky to help prevent too much sinking or unnatural shape while sleeping on the spine and shoulders. They can be thicker and larger than regular mattresses to uphold your body with enough mattress upholstery and comfort layers to serve their function properly. This also makes them difficult to handle and maintain if you plan to lift them, and a big no if you already have chronic pains.

2. Firmness: Because of their orthopedic function, the comfort layer and upholstery are designed in a way to uphold and support your back and body. This means irrespective of the type of mattress you choose, there is going to be some enhanced firmness to help in preventing your conditions from exaggerating or becoming more severe. A back-support mattress, for example, would be stiffer in general and be just soft enough in the middle as per its construction to help prevent and give relief for your conditions.

3. Suitability: Choosing the right orthopedic mattress online or ortho bed mattresses is important as per your body type and material used. This is because there is no one size fits all orthopedic mattress and you would have to choose as per your pain points and ailments.

Orthopedic mattresses are a great investment as they tend to prevent conditions from developing in the first place. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you may not have chronic pains but have points that ache from time to time and ortho bed mattresses can help in preventing them become more serious. Choosing the right mattress is essential as although they tend to have more firmness, each kind has its own firmness and softness factor to help in giving you relief from personal physical issues.