Date : 2020-09-11 10:16:33

Decoding The Best Mattress Technology

Mattresses look simple and nothing complicated to ponder about if you view them as a singular piece of bedding. But there is so much more that goes inside in terms of design, use of material, number of layers, density among other factors. Although mattresses, in general, may look like a block of soft foam, in a high-quality mattress, it isn’t necessarily the case. You may get mattresses made up of several layers of the same (different types and densities), or a different kind of material altogether. If you are looking to decode what goes on behind the scenes, it depends on the type of mattress you use, and for the kind of purpose that you would need it. Here are some examples of what goes on behind different kinds of mattresses that we offer at King Koil India:

1. FirmTech Pocket Spring:
The FirmTech Pocket Spring mattress is one of the best innerspring coil mattresses that you can get. This is because of the comfort layers that make this mattress what it is. If you are looking for a mattress that supports you and your partner with minimum movement and disturbance, and a soft yet firm top to sleep on, FirmTech pocket spring is a perfect choice. This mattress is at its core an innerspring pocketed coil mattress with densely placed springs for minimum movement. This ensures that your mattress not only moves minimally during bed movement, but the springs used are heat-tempered steel springs capable of lasting a long time.
Additionally, the FirmTech pocket springs mattresses are also capable of providing great comfort and a firm top layer. Not only does it provide adequate support, but helps in laying back on its semi-firm and semi-soft comfort layers. The luxurious looks in addition to the comfort and support make this mattress a good choice for people who tend to sleep on their side or back.

2. BodyTech Spring:
The BodyTech pocket spring coils mattress brings you the best of both worlds with foam layers for the ultimate comfort and a high number of innerspring coils to minimize mattress movement. This layer has plenty of comfortable foam layers on top that helps in contouring your body and helping in relieving pain from all the major points. Additionally, BodyTech spring coil mattresses also help in keeping your body well supported and most importantly comfortable enough to provide relief.
This mattress is made up of an upper well-ventilated quilt layer, as well as our unique PressureSense foam, or sleep-grade HR foam that helps in providing a high level of comfort and doesn’t lose its shape. Moreover, The BodyTech spring mattress’s best feature is its spring coil density which helps in supporting your body and contouring all pressure points in addition to the support provided by the comfort layers.

3. Micro HD Pocket Spring:
The Micro HD pocket spring mattress is special because of its unique construction that helps in exceptional comfort and support. The Micro HD pocket springs are small, and high in number that upholds the upper layers and is further supported by the base innerspring layers. This gives this mattress and exceptional level of support and ability to comfort and uphold your body’s pain points. The higher the number of coils, the better it can support. Additionally, the Micro HD pocket spring coil mattresses further help in providing comfort with HR foam to help support and provide comfort and contouring for your entire body.
The Micro HD pocket spring coils mattress is a great choice for orthopedic and luxury mattress purposes not only because of its looks but also the immense comfort and the support it gives. If you are looking for comfort for your body ailments and nothing else has worked, the Micro HD pocket spring is the best choice. It restricts excessive moments and helps you in getting a comfortable and deep sleep.

4. 5-Zone FirmTech Pocket Spring:
The 5-Zone FirmTech pocket spring is in a league of its own as it gives you an exceptional feeling of comfort and support. The materials and construction used for the 5-Zone FirmTech Pocket Spring are dedicated to giving you the best sleeping experience that contours to each part of your body. That is, the mattress construction makes use of 5 different sections of pocketed spring coils to add different levels of comfort and support in your body. It adjusts as per your need, and because of its different innerspring coil sections, it can contour your body as per the pressure requirement. Moreover, the inner coils are densely packed and heat-tempered which ensures that they last a long time before you see any issues with them. The comfort layer is made up of different densities of foam that help provide adequate comfort and additional support making the top layer firm to some extent. The inner coils further ensure that the movement of one person doesn’t affect or disturb the partner or people sleeping on this mattress. If you are looking for an innerspring coils mattress that is best suited to tailor to your body, you can rely on the 5-Zone FirmTech Pocket Spring.

5. Chiropractic Coil:
The Chiropractic coil is one of the best options for people with severe body ailments. Its latex foam technology in addition to the Bonnell Spring mesh base ensures that it doesn’t compensate on comfort, but also adds a level of comfort and support for your weak points. Latex as one of the prominent materials in the comfort layer adds an exceptional level of comfort for your mattress. Moreover, the chiropractic coil mattress has both hard and soft foam to ensure there is no room left for anything you need for your body issues.
Apart from the therapeutic issues, the Chiropractic coil is also the best option for back support and offering spinal alignment. This means in addition to caressing your weak muscles points and joints directly in contact with the mattress, the Chiropractic mattress offers just as much support for your back, shoulders and other points. This makes the mattress perfect for sleeping on the back and side, especially for the elderly.

6. Pillow-Top:
The Pillow-Top mattress aka our Euro Top mattress redefines comfort and support in one package. That is, not only is it good looking enough to be used in luxury establishments, but also offers just the same level of luxury. The Euro Top mattress offers a great quilted top comfort layer that is able to comfort and contour all the pressure points of your body and regulate air and temperature. This makes the Pillow-Top mattress a must for people who complain of soft mattresses that engulf them and make them hot and unable to sleep.
The Euro Top mattress regulates air, contours your body completely and supports your entire body with the help of the Bonnell Coil spring mesh. Moreover, the Pillow-Top helps align your spine to relieve your shoulders and back of any pressure, but supports them just the same. You can be sure that you would be sleeping in a well-built luxury mattress that cares about your body.

7. PressureSense Foam:
The PressureSense mattress is a high-quality HR foam mattress that consists mostly of sleep-grade HR foam in its upholstery section. In addition to a pleasing surface and attractive looks, the best part of the PressureSense foam mattress is to uphold your body while comforting it like memory foam. Similar to memory foam, the PressureSense foam makes use of the HR foam to provide the best comfortable sleeping experience that contours and comforts all the points of your body.
At the same time, the HR foam construction ensures that you do not experience the “sinking” feeling that may come with a pure memory foam mattress. It retains its original shape to a great extent and this mattress is ideal for anyone looking for a comfortable and supporting experience without the use of innerspring coils. The PressureSense mattress lives up to its name to adjust itself in every section as per your body weight distribution and upholds all the different parts in order to incline them naturally. This is partly therapeutic and partly luxurious all in one package.

8. Orthobond Core Foam:
The Orthobond core foam mattress is one of the best affordable options for people who want to experience the support and comfort similar to an inner springs mattress and foam mattress in one. The Orthobond makes use of the comfort and support of a rebonded HR foam to make the sleeping experience as comfortable as possible. Moreover, it is perfect for people that need more support and a firmer mattress as well a something to contour the body.
The Orthobond is an orthopedic mattress that helps relieve the pressure and acts together with the above layers to ensure that your support and comfort experience doesn’t compensate in any way. The Orthobond core foam mattress is just as firm and supporting as it is comfortable and a great solution for orthopedic purposes too.

9. Hyper Memory Foam:
The Hyper Memory foam mattress is best for people that are looking for firmness in their mattress. This doesn’t mean that the mattress is as stiff as a rock or stiff enough to not let your body relax. But a high-density HR foam mattress that has over 90D+ makes sure that it retains its original shape as best as possible while contouring your body. Consisting of several layers of high-density memory foam ensures that your body doesn’t sink and allows you to get up easily from the bed.
The Hyper memory foam makes use of multiple layers of ultra-high-density memory foams each complementing the functionality of the next. This allows the mattress to provide you with a more supportive and comfortable experience that traditional memory foam mattresses can help with. As a result, you get to sleep knowing there is going to be zero body pains as it allows you to be properly supported.

10. Talalay Organic Latex:
A luxury mattress that is more suited to be comfortable and allows you to sink only to the point where it is not uncomfortable to get out of it. The Talalay organic latex foam’s bulk consists of a block of latex foam that allows your body to sink, and experience an ultra-comfortable sleeping experience. Moreover, the Talalay Organic latex foam ensures that you do not slip down into the mattress with the help of a high-density sleep-grade HR foam layer that upholds and support your body points.
The best part about this mattress is that not only is it made up of 100% natural and organic rubber tree sap for the best latex, but also hypoallergenic. It is a soft mattress that works to give you the best sleeping experience and the high resiliency ensures that you do not feel your body’s orientation slipping beneath or in uncomfortable positions. The Talalay organic latex foam mattress is not only highly durable, environment-friendly but also helps you feel one with nature.

Each mattress has its own construction design and may use similar construction materials. But the functionality varies highly in terms of the comfort, price, body requirement among other factors. You should self-assess your BMI and go for a complete requirement analysis before buying a mattress. Your body’s shape, size, physical issues, and other necessary requirements determine everything if you are looking to buy a more suitable mattress. 

Our mattresses make use of the best sleep-grade in-house manufactured material instead of sourcing from third-parties so that everything works well together. Each mattress design has a unique purpose and adjusts to different body requirements and choosing a high-quality mattress might be difficult if you do not check out your body analysis. The best mattress wouldn’t make you doubt or reconsider your investment, and King Koil mattresses and sleep guidance can help you with the process. If you are looking for a mattress, custom or luxury or Orthopedic, our range of mattresses in each category can ensure that you get the best sleeping experience, and just what your body needs.