Date : 2020-11-24 08:50:52

Decoding Hotel Mattresses

Hotels have an essential part in culture worldwide where people get to relax differently and more luxuriously from home. We look for rooms and hotels that look better than our homes in their architecture, location, services, and sleeping arrangements. It is important for us to sleep in absolute bliss without a bother and better than we sleep at home at the end of the day. That is why a good quality mattress is essential for the hotel and hospitality industry to help guests feel better about their stay.

As much as guests want a change of scenery, a sleeping environment change has to be better because some people might find it difficult to sleep in a different location at first. A high-quality mattress helps give a calming and relaxing effect, relaxes guests, and helps them unwind from the exhaustion of a day's exploration. The essential quality that high-quality hospitality mattresses address is helping guests feel rejuvenated when guests wake up. Hotel mattresses are a world apart from our everyday life mattresses, and this guide shows you how.

Why do hoteliers prefer softer mattresses?
It is essential for guests to feel relaxed after a day of exhaustion and strenuous traveling. Hoteliers prefer to keep the mattresses in most rooms softer to make it a better experience and help guests sleep easy. When we travel anywhere, with or without luggage, our backs and shoulders often face more strenuous activity than usual. In such a case, it only makes sense to help these pressure points feel relaxed in a softer mattress. Softer mattresses can still be supportive, but the main objective is for the body to feel at ease instead of the surface of a firm or extra firm mattress for support.

No one wants a mattress that feels extra firm or ultra-firm even if their mattress back home might be similar irrespective of preferences. As guests, people look forward to a comfortable and relieving stay, and softer mattresses are the best way to ensure that. Moreover, softer mattresses help contour the main pressure points weary from traveling where firm mattresses wouldn't solve that purpose.

Construction of Hotel mattresses:
As part of the hospitality industry and to satisfy and withstand thousands of guests staying in and moving out, hospitality mattresses are unique. They need to have different standards and more longevity, rough and being luxurious at the same time. These many features and requirements in a single product need some advanced manufacturing and construction and very high-quality raw materials.

Almost all of the hospitality mattresses are innerspring mattresses. To ensure long life and offer exceptional comfort, these innerspring mattresses are hybrids that take care of your guests and self-protecting mattresses. Here is how hotel mattresses construction differs from the rest:

1. Fire Retardant:
Hotel mattresses need a high level of fire resistance as, irrespective of guests, hotels need to have fire safety standards. To ensure your guests' safety and avoid any mishaps in the room because of carelessness, electric failures, hospitality mattresses need to be fire-resistant. As the most used part of your room, the chances of carelessness related accidents increase, and the fire-resistance act as a safeguard against leading to other issues.
Fire resistance results from high density non-combustible raw materials and densely packed mattresses, which doesn't leave room for air to lower ignition threshold temperature. Our mattress toppers and inner linings have fire resistance built-in at the time of manufacturing to make fire the least of your worries to damage the hospitality mattresses.

2. Material quality:
The mattress raw materials in all components, mostly superficial, needs to be high enough to support countless guests and still be the same throughout the years. To make this possible, hospitality mattresses should have the highest quality possible to ensure longevity. It can be the strength and flexibility of innerspring, mattress toppers, covers, stitching, foam material, and density, among other factors. Higher the quality, the better the guest satisfaction, and the greater the high-quality hotel mattress's longevity. Here are some key factors to look out for in terms of ensuring high-quality:
Foam density and material: The way foam is manufactured, quality, density, thickness play an essential factor in ensuring quality. Ideally, memory foams and latex foam are used along with PU Foam in support or comfort layers. To ensure they last long, they need to be hypoallergenic (both memory and latex foam are). Moreover, in general, foams are only useful in hospitality mattresses' comfort layers and might need regular maintenance and cleaning. In the case of low-quality foams, springs, and other factors, a hotel mattress would not likely last a year.
Foam density plays a vital role as the more significant the density, the longer your mattress will last. Higher density ensures that the mattress enjoys all the benefits of any given type of material in place. The fabric has to be high GSM (grams per square meter) or high-density, in other words. High-density foam can also support and conform the body to cushion and align the spine and pressure points at the same time.

Spring material and manufacturing: As most hospitality mattresses are innerspring mattresses, it is vital to ensure that the innerspring system lasts a long time. Pocket springs are the ideal solution to hospitality mattress construction, as they need to support and comfort at the same time. Other kinds of spring systems might be firm, uncomfortable, but pocket springs are ideal for hospitality mattresses. To ensure mattress longevity, quality, and exceptional comfort, pocket spring mattresses are placed in great numbers and sizes near the lower end of the mattress. Double heat tempered and made of steel, pocket spring mattresses are best for hotel and luxury mattresses in general.

Fabric and stitching: Having a hotel means more families are going to be coming depending on the seasons. With changing seasons, small children and adults alike to give the mattress stitching and fabric as much testing as possible. It might be jumping or playing around, some guests not taking good care of mattresses, but the fabric and stitching have to withstand everything. The best way to ensure the highest quality here is by increasing the GSM factor in the luxury fabric or outer fabrics. Better the fabric and stitching, the more it can last and more comfortable to clean and maintain. Although most hospitality mattresses ensure excellent quality throughout, King Koil mattresses ensure exceptional fabric and stitching to ensure our brand standards and longevity for your hotel mattresses.

3. Edge support and protection: Although mattresses don't need edge support in most cases, it is a vital function for hotel mattresses. From little kids to multiple people sleeping on the bed, all need protection from falling off the edge. Guests' belongings can also enjoy extra safety, and ensuring edge safety and protection helps the mattress too. In-house mattress edge support can look like a hard casing of foam to protect the edges and anything from damaging the innermost spring system. This separate layer of mattress housing helps protect guests from falling over the edge and ensures that the mattress stays reliable and lasts long. Moreover, latex foam as a comfort layer is also an excellent option to ensure edge fall protection, but they use a high-density foam for mattress protection.
The edge support and protection also help the mattress against guests keeping their luggage and other bulky items on the bed by absorbing the shock of children jumping around and adults partying and enjoying. The edge support also restricts motion transfer to some degree in addition to the motion transfer resistance already inside the mattress.

4. Custom sizing and shape: Hotel mattresses may not always be the same everywhere despite having the same supplier. This is because some brands may have custom requirements and sizing for all rooms or high-luxury rooms. In such a case, high-quality mattresses need to have different standards in terms of quality, firmness, edge protection, bounce factor, among other issues. Moreover, different hotel mattresses may have different sizes and height requirements as per hotel chain demand. Custom sizing, shape, and quality standards may also vary in pillows, mattress toppers, and other accessories. Hotels can also get in touch with us for King Koil's bespoke mattress customization options. As one of the leading manufacturers of hospitality mattresses, we can ensure you get high-quality custom mattresses for your hotel rooms and more.

What is Westin Heavenly Bed Mattress:
King Koil is the only mattress brand in India that is approved to manufacture Westin Heavenly Bed. These beds are different from a regular mattress that is being used in the hotels. A survey was conducted and a thorough study was conducted by the world famous hotel group Westin in association with King Koil. Post the R&D and multiple prototypes it was tested using pressure mapping and sleep analysis to understand the comfort, support and quality of sleep. After a long series of testing a proprietary construction was formulated and which is now being used to manufacture the mattresses and are called Westin Heavenly Bed.

In general, the Westin-bed style gives off a luxurious look, has a great comfort level not available in most traditional mattresses, and lasts long. It is a hybrid mattress option that uses the best materials with a mattress topper in-built as icing on the cake. Westin-bed style mattresses also offer luxurious comfort levels and special care to the construction of each part of the bed. The stitching, mattress topper, and everything else is high-end and works to protect the foam layers inside.

The mattress topper embedded helps bring the sleeping-in-the-air experience to you. These mattresses are exceptionally comfortable and supportive at the same time. Including an innerspring system to uphold and support body weight and ensure mattress longevity, they offer an exceptional balance of support and comfort too. Moreover, the plush pillow-top experience is a great option that makes people want the same in their homes.

King Koil as a preferred vendor for top-hotel chains worldwide:
Our clients include top hotel chains across the Indian subcontinent and worldwide too. Top luxury hospitality mattresses like Radisson, Marriott, Starwoods, Hilton, Hyatt, Taj, ITC, and others trust in King Koil hospitality mattresses. If you have stayed in these hotels, you might be looking for similar mattresses as going back to your home mattress can be boring after sleeping on a Westin-bed style.
King Koil also serves as the leading supplier for these hotels for rollaway beds, mattress toppers, pillows, and other accessories. As the leading supplier for these top luxury hotel chains, you can be sure that our high-quality luxury mattresses give you the same experience at your home. With over 600 showrooms in India and 100 million customers worldwide, our premium mattress range offers the comfort of good-quality sleep like no other.

Hospitality and hotel mattresses, in general, are in a league of their own. You cannot compare the mattresses one uses in day to day life with a hotel mattress as they are much more sophisticated. The design and construction may look minimalistic, but inside there is a lot present to make it an exceptionally blissful experience. Decoding hotel mattresses tells us that hybrid use of the highest materials and construction gives a gem that is hard to find elsewhere. At King Koil, we want to offer our customers and clients the best of what mattresses can offer.

As a brand, we value sleep and realize the impact it has on our health and lifestyle. That is why King Koil stresses the importance of quality and mattresses that suit your body. The conception of hospitality mattresses takes years of research and development as well as feedback from people who try it and review us. If you're looking for a hotel mattress, you can reach out.

Alternatively, you might be looking for a hotel-like experience at your home. We understand this requirement, so we offer our ultra-luxury mattress lineup to meet this demand. Hotel mattresses differ from ultra-luxury mattresses in terms of general aesthetics, construction, just enough to make them useful and long-living for hotels. A few members may use your ultra luxury mattress in homes, but hotel mattresses meet more guests and rough use every day.