Date : 2020-10-23 13:15:09

Buying a Mattress Online VS Buying from a Mattress Showroom

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, taking care of your overall well-being is the best way to ensure you get through this phase. After following strict Lockdowns worldwide for months on end, we are leading mostly sedentary lives. These things and the world's general state have focused on online shopping and health consciousness to go up. People worldwide are reassessing their lifestyles and putting in efforts to be fitter and healthier in the current pandemic situation. This brings up an essential dilemma about shopping for things that need an in-person approach vs. online. As important as it is to stay inside and protect yourself, you have to take care of your health. And shopping for things like mattresses, medicines, doctor appointments may seem risky but are all the more critical.

Buying a mattress online and in-person each have their pros and cons. But when it comes to the general process of buying and enhancing your comfort and sleep quality, both options have differing methods. Buying online gives you the option of getting the product delivered to your doorstep, either from a locally recognized retailer or e-commerce vendor comfortably. This method means you accept the product you get and have to experiment and try it out, unlike the in-person experience. When you buy from a showroom, you get to experience what you're buying, feel it with your hand or try it (as per store policies), and then make your decision. Moreover, you might also get seller discounts and offers instead of available offers from e-commerce vendors, as per the season.

Advantages of buying a mattress online:
Buying things online is perhaps one of the most significant advantages of this century, leave a few things. But the general experience is easy to use, and you get products delivered to your house in a decent time frame as per your location's serviceability. Here are the advantages of buying a mattress online:

1. You're buying or maybe even trying mattresses from your home, and this is something that cannot be compared. If you know the mattress size, which mattress suits you, have done your research, and finalized your mattress type, the rest is easy as can be. That is, if you are sure of what mattress you want or want to upgrade and have no second doubts, there is no use looking elsewhere.

2. If your local manufacturer has an e-commerce website, it is even better to shop online because it is easier to avail. Moreover, in this scenario, you can also get trials for the mattress selection. These days some select manufacturers might even offer to give home trials for the mattresses you have shortlisted.

3. Sometimes showroom retailers might not offer flexible payments. However, online shopping offers you offers like No-Cost EMI, cashback offers, and exclusive discounts in festive seasons. If you want to save and stick to a lower budget, online shopping can be the best for you.

4. If you are under strict quarantine or cannot afford to go outside for health issues in the current pandemic, online shopping is the safest. This is best if you are following strict quarantine and have multiple high-risk family members.

5. Online buying is also perfect for you if you prefer to research everything online and have purchased something online, and you trust the brand or vendor. As a result, you get your new mattress or upgrade with no hassle and your convenience and preferences of manufacturers or vendors you trust.

6. Buying mattresses online also gives you access to more customer reviews and testimonials from websites and e-commerce stores. Although these cannot help you select a mattress that suits you, it helps assess the quality.

Disadvantages of buying a mattress online:
Buying online has its advantages; however, the disadvantages make one question if they should be buying mattresses online at all?

1. Online ordered mattresses do not always ship in a huge box conforming to the shape of the mattress. This is because sellers often pack it in a vacuum-enclosure for easy shipping, and it comes in a small box rolled up. This often means that the mattress is low density enough to be shipped like this in a vacuum container. You can be sure that your mattress would not be high quality, last long, or even retain its shape throughout the years. This is a sign of low-quality memory or other kinds of foam.

2. Since mattresses sold online have to be vacuum-packed for easy logistics, once you unpack them, there is no way of returning your mattress. Because of e-commerce vendors' return policies, you have to stick with it once you buy such a mattress. This means that buying mattresses online means you stick with it, no matter what.

3. Mattresses sold online are generic (that is, they might be suitable for some people, but not all). This means that you choose a random mattress that fits your price point, and seeing the high-ratings overall doesn't always mean it is suitable for your body. Many people regret buying their mattresses online because incompatible mattresses lead to pains around the body within 30-40 days.

4. Online bought mattresses have no trial time, especially if bought from e-commerce vendors. Some mattress manufacturers offer a trial period, but, in that case, you have to buy it from their website. In most cases, it means that if you're not happy with your mattress, you cannot return it. There is no expert to guide you on which mattress would suit your body best.

5. The chances of getting a defective product with quality or sizing issues are also very high when buying online. As a result, you end up choosing from a tiny list of sellers online with no security if your mattress is even right for your bed. Quality issues would further make you lose your sleep since there is no workaround to easily reach sellers for replacement or repairs if you start noticing issues after any potential replacement time. This is especially true after a couple of years when contacting the seller for repairs becomes futile.

Advantages of buying a mattress from a showroom:
Buying anything in a showroom is generally taboo these days, but it is a risk we can take when it comes to your sleep. To prevent covid-19 infection spread, we ensure proper sanitization of the most touched, visited places in the store. Moreover, keeping everything open-air instead of internal air circulation further helps keep you and us safe. Here are some of the benefits of buying a mattress from a showroom:

1. Experiencing the product in-store gives you various benefits like checking its overall quality, stitching, and, most importantly, experience it. Moreover, all stores tend to have their products on display, and doing this lets the customer check the quality and experience of their new mattress. Checking the comfort and support level and overall looks and other elements make one buy the mattress only if they're sure.

2. At King Koil or other stores, you can get the help of in-store sleep experts or tools like our SleepID kiosks for educated buying. Once you know what kind of mattress suits your body and feels right at the moment, you can't go wrong with your decision. Moreover, this helps people be sure and avoid the cycle of returning and dissatisfaction.

3. In-store variety is another reason to visit a showroom so that you eliminate all doubt of whether a mattress would work for you or not. You can check products side by side, and real-time decision making is always better than reading about them. A coach can further help get over any dilemmas you experience in shortlisting your final mattress choices.

4. In-store offers and discounts are more dynamic and more likely to save you money than when buying from online vendors or sellers. Moreover, when you buy anything from a store, it is easier to get your mattress's warranty protection. These factors make that generic online mattress seem like a wrong choice, but it all comes down to perspective. You can get the best deals in-store and enjoy your mattress with complete satisfaction for maximum bang for the buck and mental peace.

5. At King Koil, we also offer you the payment option after delivery and inspection of your mattress. Moreover, if you're not sure you want to visit our stores, or it isn't feasible for any reason, we bring you trials of our mattress options to your home as per your SleepID. This helps us guarantee your satisfaction and help you with an online-like home delivery system.

6. Post-sale protection is one of the best features of buying a mattress in any showroom since getting any repairs or maintenance tips and warranty surety is easy. There are multiple dealers and showrooms you can visit in case one doesn't have your mattress choice. However, at King Koil, we ensure that you get to experience before you buy with most of our range available in the main showrooms.

Disadvantages of buying a mattress in a showroom:
Sometimes buying a mattress can have the expected hassles which make you shop online. Although all stores do not have the same policies or the same issues, it is a good idea to check with the store before you visit for any issues:

1. There is relatively nothing that can make them leave their home's safety for people who are following strict quarantine in the current pandemic. However, in such cases, it is best to check with your choice of a vendor if they offer safe trials of mattress options at your home. If you do not have the time to visit stores, we make time to bring the store to you safely.

2. Sometimes the store may not have the entire range, and it can be a big turn down unless you're willing to wait for your mattress. The workaround to this solution is to check your shortlist options on the manufacturer website. Once you know what you want and want a preliminary check before making a final decision, it is good to check for the same with the store.


Buying from either of the online or showroom choices have their pros and cons. But one thing to keep in mind is to go for a reputed brand that makes mattresses for your body type with research and development spanning into years. This shows the brand cares about your satisfaction, sleep, and overall health than offer generic mattresses. We pride ourselves on having a huge customer satisfaction level, as SleepID alone ensures 94% customer satisfaction. The research and development strive to keep complaints and issues below 1%, and few brands pay this level of attention.

If you're looking for the best mattress brand that cares for you, our mattress range, in-store experience, and long-term satisfaction, ensure that you do not have to look elsewhere. Our quality standards and post-sale support are also unparalleled as a global leader in luxury mattresses to ensure satisfaction. You can't go wrong with a brand that cares about your sleep to this level, where online vendors might not support without extra hassles in terms of payment or other issues. Our ten-year warranty helps assure you of excellent quality and repairs if anything goes wrong or there are manufacturing defects.

The best part about King Koil mattresses is our in-house manufacturing unit, which helps ensure that you only get the best sleep-grade materials. We use scientific data to make our mattresses a healthy choice for your body than rely on third-party vendors for low-quality options. Moreover, our raw materials are sleep-grade, which means if you're buying memory foam mattresses, it has been specially designed for your sleep, and not furniture or any other purposes. The high density of the foam and other materials' quality helps us satisfy customers and lead the market in terms of customer satisfaction and luxury mattress variety.