Date : 2020-05-16 10:54:40

10 Things That Make You Sleep With Ease And Increase the Quality of Your Sleep

In all our daily lives, we often end up neglecting the importance of proper sleep without even realizing the adverse impacts it can soon have on our lives. When we say life, we mean both the physical and mental aspects of it and lack of proper sleep can hamper both at quite a serious level. If you feel a constant spell of reduced daytime energy, emotional balance, productivity, and a sudden rise or fall in your weight, it will almost always be because of irregular sleeping habits. Tossing and turning on the bed at late hours of the night is common with more people in this world than we probably choose to believe. All those who suffer from this sleeping problem, are often of the opinion that it is impossible to achieve a complete and satisfying round of sleep.

However, let us tell you that we have more control over the quality of our sleep than we know. In fact, just the way our sleeping habits affect our waking functions to a great extent, the reverse is also equally true. Try experimenting with the following tips and end up having a wonderfully satisfying sleep each night for the rest of your life.

1.Let your body’s natural sleep-wake-pattern be in sync with you

The secret to sleeping better and having a good night’s sleep lies of course in the circadian rhythm. This is basically the natural sleep-wake cycle of the body. If you can keep this cycle intact instead of sleeping the same number of hours at different times in a day, you will definitely have better-quality sleep at night and feel refreshed and energized whenever you wake up. Here are the ways you can ensure maintaining the cycle –

  • Going to sleep and Waking up at the same time – In order to set your body's internal clock, choose your bedtime according to the time when you normally feel tired at the end of the day. This will prevent you from tossing and turning and also help you wake up naturally without an alarm. If you feeling the need for an alarm, you might want to make your bedtime earlier.
  • Limited Napping – While napping for short periods can help you make up for the sleep you might have lost last night, if you are a person who generally has trouble falling asleep at night, napping will only make it worse. So try to keep these naps limited to 15-20 mins during the early afternoons.

2.Choose the right mattress

Considering that we all spend about a third of our days on the bed every day, the importance of the right mattress is beyond any doubt. Now whether we are having a peaceful slumber on it or spending all that time tossing and turning, depends entirely on how suitable the mattress is for us. Now, how to choose the best mattress - the question remains. Let us clarify once and for all that this search for the perfect mattress should not be based on a list of popular mattress brands or exorbitant price tags. Choosing a mattress is a very personal choice i.e. it is highly dependant on our personal needs and requirements than what seems to be the trend at the moment. This is all the more true especially if you have back and neck conditions. Most people with such conditions have found help with the Goldilocks Approach i.e. not too hard, not too soft. Experts opine that too soft a mattress will make you sink down on it, while the very hard ones will put unnecessary pressure on the sacrum, the shoulders and the back of the head. In order to gift your spine just the perfect comfort, you should prefer a medium-firm one or a firm one with a softer pillow top. However, generally, there are a number of types of mattresses available offline as well as mattresses online to choose from –

If all these different types are making you confused Kingkoil has come up with an extremely innovative technology that will decide for you the best kind of mattress to suit your needs up to as much as 94%. This technology, SleepID can do all this just by scanning some basic data that you enter. From this data, it considers a number of focal points that help it to take the correct decision for you and voila! You have got the perfect kind of mattress that works for both you and your partner. 

3.Controlled exposure to light

Melatonin is the naturally occurring hormone in your body that regulates your circadian cycle and is generally controlled by light exposure. To put it simply, your body produces a sufficient amount of melatonin when it is dark making you sleepy. In the presence of light, however, the secretion is less, keeping you more alert and devoid of sleep. In order to sleep better at night, it is recommended that you avoid all kinds of bright screens within the time period of 1-2 hours of your bedtime and say a big no to watching TV till late night. Also, avoid using backlit devices at night and make sure that your room is dark when it's bedtime for you.

4.Exercising during the day

It is known and proven fact that people who exercise during the day also sleep better during the night time. Exercising also helps to improve the symptoms of sleep apnea as well as insomnia along with the function of increasing the time that we spend in the deep stages of restorative sleep. In fact, the quality of sleep depends directly on the bigger with which we exercise. However, even a simple exercise like walking for 10 minutes a day also has the power of improving sleep quality. Another thing to remember in this case is that patience is the key factor in building and exercise habits that you can stick to. It might go up two months before you can regularise your activities and finally experience the effects that promote sleep fully.

5.Control Your Eating and Drinking Habits

We do not need to stress the fact that eating and drinking habits also have an immense impact on how well we sleep. A good night's sleep is dependent to a great extent on what we eat during the daytime as well as in the evenings, especially in the hours just before bedtime. in order to be smart about are eating and drinking habits we have to limit the intake of caffeine and nicotine in the hours close to bedtime. It is also recommended that you avoid any big meals during the nights and also avoid drinking alcohol or too much of any other form of liquid in the evenings. The latter will only keep you up at Nights as you might have to frequent the bathrooms due to the heavy liquid intake.

6.Keep Your Brain Clear Just Before Sleep

It is not news to us that our regular dealings with emotions like stress, anxieties, and anger can prove to be very counterproductive for a good night's sleep. So in order to unwind property before you go to sleep necessarily warrants that you manage the level of stress on an overall basis and also learn how to curb your habit of getting anxious easily. You can take the help of various relaxation techniques like meditation taking warm baths listening to audiobooks or soft music or even during the lights in order to help your mind and wind properly and get itself ready to fall into a deep sleep. 

7.Breathing Exercises Are a Life Saver

Relaxation comes from a number of activities or exercises that we may choose to adopt. However, the easiest among them is to practice the deep breathing technique. In order to follow this technique properly, we must learn how to breathe from our bellies rather than our chests. This technique is instrumental in activating the response of relaxation in our brain along with lowering our heart rate stress levels as well as blood pressure which automatically helps us drift off into deep sleep. The perfect way to practice deep breathing is by breathing in through your nose until your stomach rises and finally exhales through the mouth releasing as much air as possible while abdominal muscles get contracted. Try to count very slowly as you keep practicing this and continue inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

8.The Body Scan Exercise

This is a very unique way of improving your sleep quality as here you get to focus your attention on the several body parts thereby identifying the parts in which you are holding back any stress or tension. This way it will also become easier for you to release this tension and unwind thus facilitating a night of good quality sleep. You can start this exercise by lying on your back with your legs in an uncrossed position and your hands resting on your sides. keeping your eyes closed all you have to do is focus on several parts of your body starting from your toes and notice if you have kept in any traces of stress or tension closed up in those parts. As you do this also keep focusing on your breathing and imagine that you are letting your breaths flow into the parts of the body which are tense and stressed out. Once you have finished focusing on all the parts of your body and have completed the full-body scan you can now finally relax and realize how your entire body feels. It will be an utmost feeling of relaxation and you will fall asleep in no time.

9.Bring Improvements in the Sleep Environment

A good quality sleep almost always depends on the sleep environment that you have in your bedroom or whenever you intend to sleep at night. there are a number of factors which you have to keep in mind in order to bring improvements in the sleep environment is a whole and this you have to maintain on a regular basis to get the best effects. Keeping all kinds of loud noises down and your room cool and comfortable are probably the first things that you might want to keep in mind. Add to it a comfortable bed and you will have the perfect sleep environment. The last thing that you might want to remember here is that you should reserve your bed only for activities like sleep and sex. It is better if you do not use your bed for work or such other activities that usually are known to impair sleep.

10.The Trick of Getting Back To Sleep

It is a normal habit for most people to wake up briefly during the nights for whatever reasons. The problem arises when it becomes difficult to fall asleep again. To make this easier, the first thing that you have to do is staying out of your head. It main initially sound very difficult, but in order to get back to sleep, it is imperative that you stop thinking about how difficult it is to fall asleep again. This creates unnecessary stress that only gives encouragement to your body to stay wide awake. Remember that in such cases the goal should be to relax instead of just falling asleep. Here too, the only thing that can help you is taking deep and slow breaths and help your body relax. Once your body is relaxed and comfortable entirely, sleep will come to you automatically.

These were the tips and tricks that will ensure that you sleep well at night. Sleeping well will keep you healthy mentally as well as physically eventually helping you lead a much better life. Keep this loop of staying healthy a constant and you will never fret about a sleepless night again.