Date : 2020-05-25 11:57:48

10 Signs You Need to Get a New Mattress

Your mattress is an essential part of your everyday life, and it needs a lot of efforts for selecting the best mattress for you. So it can be easy and tempting to believe that you and your mattress share an amazing bond and you will be together forever. Unfortunately, no matter how amazing your bonds are with your mattress maybe, this is the one relationship that must come to an end for the betterment of your body.

So, for finding the best mattress for your body you need to be aware of the types of mattress. So, let’s find out what all kind of mattress is available with us and what is the lifespan of each. and you can buy mattress online in India.

Memory Foam Mattress: King Koil uses premium quality memory foam mattress with body contouring technology so that you never sleep uncomfortable again. This mattress can help you in relieving pressure, body contouring, spinal alignment and high density. It is better than other brands as it uses a high density of memory foam. We use multiple layers of memory foam which makes it better. These mattresses last for a longer duration and generally, we offer 12 years of warranty on the mattress.

Latex Mattress: These are made with a special combination of unique layers to provide highly supportive and medically beneficial comfort for the good spine and restful night. It provides back and body support. These are created using 100% organic latex foam extracted from the rubber tree and then formulated into the foam. These are the most durable mattresses when compared to any other alternative. And we offer 10 years of warranty on this range.

Pocket Spring Mattress: King Koil is the True luxury of Signature Mattress which is handcrafted with the best-proven body contouring feature ‘Micro-pockets’ on top of the most superior body supporting core of ‘Ultra Hd Pocket Springs’. These are created using BodySinkFoam, Jacquard Fabric and MicroPocket Spring. These are the durable mattresses when compared to any other Mattresses. And we offer 10 years of warranty on this range.

- Orthopaedic Mattress: King Koil’s Orthopedic Mattress range covers a wide variety of mattress to help their sleepers to get rid of shoulder or back pain. These mattresses will help you with relieving pain and pressures on your joints. It contains Chiropedic Coil and ortho band core and it provides body support and back support to the body. King Koil uses high resilient ortho bond foam to provide the best neck, shoulder, body support. King Koil manufactures all the foam in-house and it is a premium mattress brand in India that assure quality standards are met. King Koil offers 10 Years of Warranty on its orthopaedic mattress range.

Back Support Mattress: King Koil provides you with a wide range of back support mattresses that provide you pain relief and complete back support. This mattress will provide you High Resilient form and it helps you in Spinal Alignment and it contains Chiropedic Coil and ortho band core. King Koil offers back support mattresses in multiple foam configurations such as memory foam, spring and foam, HR and bonded foam. All the mattresses use 100% Pure sleep grade foam. Chiropedic Mattresses has enabled King Koil to manufacture the best back support mattress. These mattresses last for a longer duration and generally, we offer 12 years of warranty on the mattress.

- Luxury Mattress: King Koil provides you with luxury mattress brand India that you can choose from our ultra-luxury line of mattresses and elevate the grandeur of your home. This mattress will provide you Damask Fabric, and Designer Mattresses which will help you Body Conforming and contain PressureSense Foam. The pricing of King Koil Mattresses is higher compared to other brands not just because its an International Brand or having an association with ICA (International Chiropractor Association).The density and thickness of foam used in a mattress or the material used for quilting or the double tempered springs used in the mattress. These mattresses last for a longer duration and generally, we offer 12 years of warranty on the mattress.

- Hotel Like Mattresses: Luxury is not confined to your furniture, give your home the opulence it deserves by choosing from our Lux Range. This mattress will provide you with 5Z FirmTech and BodyFloat Technology. It has UltraFusion Foam and PressureSense Foam. These Mattresses are premium Mattresses that improve sleep quality and offer the best comfort and body support. These mattresses last for a longer duration and generally, we offer 12 years of warranty on the mattress. We at King Koil deals in premium mattress brand in India.

So, now you are aware of the best mattress brands in India we at King Koil provides. Let’s get to know the points which show that you need to replace your existing mattress instantly.

Following are the few points:

Sleep Discomfort: If you are not getting comfortable sleep or having discomfort while sleeping. It can be a sign that a new mattress is required instantly and tossing and turning while sleeping may mean the mattress has lost its comfort and support. If you find yourself wake up often throughout the night, possibly the reason is your old mattress.

Body Aches: If you are waking up in the morning with the serious pain, this could be a sign that your mattress is growing old and is not as comfortable or supportive as it used to be; you can also experience pain on your shoulders and hips because the mattress is not relieving proper pressure on those areas. and you will also start feeling pain in your lower back pain because they’re not being supported properly. If you are facing such issues then it's not ordinary and can lead to further issues; it’s particularly important to pay attention if this is an issue.

Wakeup Energy Level/Fatigue: Sometimes after having a proper sleep of 7–8 hours you still wake up with fatigue or weakness and don’t have sufficient energy to complete your daily routines. If this is a problem of one day then it's not an issue but if it is continued for a week or two then you should start finding new mattress and try King Koil’s sleep id software which might get you a proper mattress for yourself. You can check here how to calculate your Sleep ID.

Sagging: If your mattress is starting to sag, it’s an obvious sign that you might need a new mattress; sagging can occur when the coils in a mattress start to weaken or the memory foam begins to lose its shape. You can check your mattress is sagging if there is a noticeable body impression in the mattress. If you get up and your mattress does not quickly return to its normal, flat appearance, it might be time to look for a new mattress.

Noise: If your mattress started making a squeaking sounds and screeching metal sounds might be a sign that you need to find a mattress and your existing one needs to be replaced this mostly applies to mattresses that feature coils, and it is possible to fix this issue by tightening any bolts in the mattress or box springs. It is also a symbol that the coils are starting to age and may not be quite as supportive as before and you are not getting the support you need.

Smell: If your mattress just starts to smell this might happen because of time as mildew, mold, and fungi build up in the mattress. This can happen more quickly if you are living in a humid climate and we know it may not be the most succulent thing to consider but if you are taking out a whiff of your mattress and got some smell, it is the right time to get rid of it.

Allergies: When your mattress starts getting mold, mildew, and dust then you are more prominent of getting some allergies, if you wake up every morning with watery eyes, a runny nose, and a headache, the allergens in the mattress are might be the reason. There are some materials that can help prevent the buildup of allergens, so if you are suffering from an allergy you should keep in mind about this while looking for a new mattress.

Sleeping better on a different mattress: Sometimes, you visit your friend and family and you notice that you got much better sleep on their mattress; whereas when at your place you wake up with a stuffed-up nose or joint pain, and when you wake up in the hotel and realize you woke up normal with none of those problems. Well, this could definitely mean that your mattress is the reason for your problems and it's a good identification if you are not sure your mattress is responsible for the issue then you can try the new mattress and if you feel better you can get the new mattress.

Up all night: If you can’t fall asleep easily and feel restless on your mattress and frequently wake up during the night and adjust positions and keeps on trying different positions to find a comfortable position, it could be time to replace your mattress. Of course, other things like stress or poor sleep hygiene can keep you up at night, too. But if it continues for a long time and you’re tossing and turning into the wee hours then there are strong chances that your mattress no longer provides you with the proper comfort and you need a new one and if you have a proper sleep but wake up tired, the same may very well be true.

Mold In Mattress Symptoms: Mold or mildew is microscopic bacteria and you won’t be able to spot the early signs until it has grown to become visible to the naked eye. This problem especially occurs when you don’t regularly turn and check your mattress while changing the sheets. The earliest symbol you can look for is the small black dots which you can notice far before you have any health problems or notice a stench. And if you see something like this you can need to change your mattress at the earliest.

So, now if you find any of the above symptoms in your mattress then you can check the King Koil’s as it is a top mattress brand and we provide you with the range of best quality mattress in India.