“Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Mattresses”

#1 in Support, Comfort and Value

KingKoil, a heritage brand with over 120 years of legacy in manufacturing of high quality mattresses, with global presence in over 100 Countries worldwide


Available in more than

100 Countries Worldwide

Product range

KING KOIL has two product range, one for homes for retail customers and the other is for hotels which is for hospitality customers. Every product is made keeping the customers needs and preferences in mind and with choice of finest and purest raw materials, every KING KOIL mattress is produced for better sleep experiences.

Made with 100% Pure Foam

for high durability & superior comfort

Brand Leader in Quality, Innovation & Research

A tireless pursuit for better sleep

Full Replacement Guarantee
(upto 4 years)

High consumer confidence for quality  

We Use Sleep Grade Foam
not Furniture Grade foam which is commonly used by others

Made with 100% Pure Foam,

for high durability & superior comfort

Leaders in latest sleep technologies for better sleep experience

PressureSense Foam
FirmTech Pocketed Springs
NewSupport Foam
UltraFusion Foam
Chiropedic Coil
High Quality Damask Fabric
Super Memory
  • PressureSense Foam
  • FirmTech Pocketed Springs
  • NewSupport Foam
  • UltraFusion Foam
  • Chiropedic Coil
  • High Quality Damask Fabric
  • Super Memory


Breakthrough BODY-MATCH Technology for easy buying of mattresses that suits your body
  • Body Type

  • Posture Analysis

  • Sleep Discomfort

  • Body Composition

Research Based proven BODYMATCH TECHNOLOGY that recommends the most suitable mattress that would fit to you and your partners body by careful analysis of your body weight, body type, sleep discomforts & preferences.

Better sleep through reduced body pressure points on KING KOIL mattress


This is Comfort Heaven.

Over 10 Million Rooms Furnished, Globally

Preferred vendor to Top Hotel chains worldwide

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