A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book

JP Ledoux (VP International Business at King Koil)

Global Presence

Since 1898, this century old brand King Koil is available in over 80 countries

Innovative Designs

Differentiation through creativity is just a part of our culture

Superior Technologies

Using leading mattress technologies to give better sleep experiences


Globally preferred hospitality bedding brand by top hotel chains


King Koil, World's most popular premium mattress brand welcomes everyone in India to a superior and luxurious bedding experience. King Koil is a decade old brand who has innovatively and globally co-created better sleep experience products than its peers.

You are invited to explore our bedding ranges at your nearest available bedding retailer.

About Us

We at King Koil are an energetic and dynamic group of team members with strong bedding expertise aiming towards a unified goal i.e to create superior sleep experience products with leading mattress technologies and to differentiate creatively from our peers.

With core competence in manufacturing of mattresses and related bedding products, we specialise in globally practiced mattress technologies i.e Innerspring technology and Orthopaedic combinations that makes our customers enjoy a complete range of sleep products with different comfort levels of soft, medium and firm, whichever that suits to one’s body.

With our manufacturing set up located at three different strategic locations, we endeavour to bring our clients, retailer and customers with the complete range of our beddings in short time to almost any part of the country. Our every manufacturing site is equipped with world-class machinery to produce a international quality product that makes us proudly incorporate better warranties.

Latest News!

King Koil President and COO - Dave Roberts, presents the all new mattress design 'FLARE' by King Koil which is innovative and functional.